Intelligent Ways: How to Irritate Him?


Intelligent Ways: How to Irritate Him?

Intelligent Ways How to annoy Him? Is your boyfriend getting extra sweet with you? Does this habit of him irritates you.? Are you hunting some of the interesting ways to annoy him? Do you want to get rid off him? Are you hunting ways to vex him? is here to help you know some of the Intelligent ways to irritate him.

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Intelligent Ways How to Irritate Him

  How to Apply Intelligent Ways to Get Rid off Him?

Though, girls like when Boys compliment them. But boys fail to understand that complimenting a girl without any reason can lead him into trouble. They need to understand that this habit of them can go other way round too. Someone has rightly said that Excess of Anything is dangerous. Unwanted Compliments irritates women. Boys should understand the difference to save themselves from any trouble. We bring to you some of the intelligent ways to irritate him. Keep Reading!

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Ping Ping Ping: One of the best way to annoy him is to Ping him continuously. Texting him again and again. Asking stupid and unimportant things can irritate him the most. Make it a point to text him when he is with his friends.

Be Inquisitive: Asking more and more questions when he is not in a mood to answer them can help you in taking the revenge from him. Throw all types of useless and unimportant questions on him. You need to choose a correct time to make him angry. Asking same questions again and again will frustrate him. Be Inquisitive.

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Discuss Friends: To make him angry you just need to talk nothing but your friends. Let him have a feeling that your friends mean the world to you. This will make him feel neglected. Due to this they burst in anger.

Go Personal: Are you a good actor? If yes, then this will be easy for you. Your Acting skills can help you in this. Let him believe that you think, he considers you to be the reason for his bad days. Take things Personally just for no reason.

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Girls Day Out: The more you avoid your boyfriend, the more he gets irritated. Spend as much time as you want to with your friends. Plan a girls day out or do anything that can keep you busy, just to make him feel ignored. Trust me, Boys get frustrated when Ignored.

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Let Him Guess: Another way to annoy him is to ignore him. Let him make guesses about your mood. Let him think that he is the reason for all your annoyance. Create illusions.

Seed of Doubt: If you want to irritate him, all you need to do is to ask questions that can make him feel  that you doubt him and his intentions. Let him have a notion that there is no trust and honesty in the relationship.

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Flirting: One of the easiest way to irritate b your boyfriend is to flirt with other guys in front of him. Flirting with his friends can drive him mad.

Jealousy: Love and jealousy go hand in hand. Girls need to show some kind of possessiveness towards them.

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Hidden Secrets: Try to find out everything about his past life, past affairs, and ex girlfriends. Gather all the information that is not known to you secretly.

Thus, following are 10 intelligent ways that can help you annoy him and get rid off him completely.