Insecure Men that Make Girls Run the Other Way


Insecure Men that Make Girls Run the Other Way

Every individual have some insecurities to deal with at some point of time. There are certain insecure men which make girls run away from them. Often it is said that women are insecure but men are no less insecure. They too become insecure at times and their insecurity makes women run far from them. Though every girl desire to date a man who is secured in every sense. But do we really find such a person? Life would become monotonous if one will have no insecurity. What really makes a difference is to having insecurities than letting them control your life. You too would have come across many instances where you could sense that your man has become insecure.

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Insecure Men that Make Girls Run the Other Way

Things That Makes Women Run Away From Insecure Man.

Jealousy is nothing but a doorway to insecurity. And as stated already jealousy and love go hand in hand. Here are some of the traits that you should keep an eye on if you are dating an insecure man.

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He is Over Protective:
Every girl likes to have a man in life who is protective and caring at the same time. Being a girl I can say that every girl like reading novels where a guy is protective for his girl. Remember Edward from Twilight? Being protective is good but being over protective turns the things other way round. If your guy too protective about you being alone, then its a sign he is too over protective.

He Wants To Change Everything:
Are you dating a man who wants to change everything about you? Is this behavior of his makes you run away from him? When  such a thing start happening in your relationship it becomes a clear sign he is insecure. He does not want others too see you the way you look and praise you. Hence, all he wants is to change the way you look and dress.

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He is not Social:
Often you will come across many man who are insecure. What makes them insecure is that they are not social. They limit themselves to the four walls of the house. When a person does not have a social circle is automatically develops a insecure attitude towards life. Therefore, if your man too have limited friends the sole reason is his insecurity.

Thus, following are some of  the reasons which make men insecure.