SAPCV- The 4 Inexplicable Zodiac Members


SAPCV- The 4 Inexplicable Zodiac Members

“SAPCV” if some of you’ve already guessed what does are these inexplicable members, I must say you’re one of them. Well, I won’t twist it further and unveil the truth behind this “SAPCV”- S for SCORPIO, A for AQUARIUS, P for PISCES, C for CAPRICORN, V for VIRGO. Now it’s all clear and smooth, and YES yet again another article dedicated to the Zodiac city fact files. Moving on to the topic, it’s about the 4 most mystifying Zodiac members. And how amazing is the fact that, I have dated two of the five members of this inexplicable family! Pisces and Scorpio. The Scorpion King actually won me with his loyal and imperfect antics and I am enjoying a happily imperfect relationship (Touch Wood).

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SAPCV- The 4 Inexplicable Zodiac Members

Without much ado, let’s begin this cloak-and-dagger journey.

1/The SCORPION king a.k.a The SCORPIO

October 23- November 21

Scarlet, red, rust are the colors that define a Scorpio. Being the 8th member of the family mystery has a direct relationship with them. Be it their tall, dark look or their charismatic aura, Scorpions are much more inexplicable than they look. Their secretive attitude and their habit of hiding everything behind that smile is something they are best at. But at times people consider their this mystifying attitude as cheating. But it’s not that, they are just like this by default. Famously known for their interest in dark habits like spirits, occult, horror, death and other such dark satanic secrets.

2/Aquarius- The other name of complicacy

January 20- February 18

Black eyes, smiling face and millions of hidden emotions behind. Kind of similar to what a Scorpio is like. But in the case of an Aquarian, the situation is slightly off the beat. They are like an open book initially but once they get hurt, nothing in this whole world can force them to spell what is going on in their heart. Headstrong, dedicated, ambitious, revolutionary and yes of course, highly intellectual. They are kind of unknown to their own dreams and beliefs, a traveller by nature who prefers solitude more than a crowd. Compliments and large salary seduce them but only if they can spend it willfully.

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3/Pisces- A mixture of all the other signs

February 19- March 20

Being the 12th sign of the Zodiac, a Pisces is actually a mixture of all the other signs. Complicated, fiercely, diplomatic, revolutionary, understanding and yet unknown to themselves. A Pisces is actually a very friendly person by nature, the problem solver and everything you need as a friend. But since they are the water sign, so, in the pace of solving problems they kind of get lost in this tangled world. And that’s when it becomes difficult for them to comprehend their thoughts and expression kind of gets lost.

4/Capricorn- Let it be!

December 22- January 19

A gem in real nature, but the truth is really unknown to them. Really hard to find out or introspect their mind, a rare to find who takes people as they come, Capricorns are the real definition of speechless mystery. They have this never forgiving attitude for those who hurts them badly. A responsible and disciplined person by nature and also highly snobbish. Actually, trying to define them in words is truly impossible. A troublesome chapter to read and decipher, just like THE DA VINCI CODE. Those who had the chance to be with a Capricorn must have been some guided person of virtue and patience.

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5/ Virgo- Last but not the least

August 23- September 22

Please welcome the lazy boss of the squad. Being the water sign, a Virgo is loyal but over critical at the same, logical but shy, deep lover but highly analytical, actually, they are full of confusion and a truly inexplicable member of the family. Fussy about life and even that poached egg lying on their plate, they have a problem with the smallest minute details of life. In search of perfection, they kind of forget what they are and how they are.

So, here we end and I must confess the journey in deciphering their life was really inexplicable. I mean more than being mysterious they are kind of like an undecipherable code, which has no solution at all.

SAPCV- The 4 Inexplicable Zodiac Members

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Words of wisdom- Horoscope and Zodiac signs are just a mere glimpse of what your stars are, the real identity lies in YOU YOURSELF. Flaws are there in each one of us, a mystery is inside each one of us, but, never allow those mysterious to dictate your life and make it a tangled journey. Live free, breath deep and learn to let things go. Enjoy Life.