“I want her to be Independent and Ambitious”


“I want her to be Independent and Ambitious”

These two words, Independent and Ambitious acts like a trigger. To some men, these words are like, “I allowed her to be independent and see, how she is flying now.” To some other men, these words are like, “She has her own ambition and what is wrong if she wants to be an Independent lady. I am no one to cut her wings“.

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"I want her to be Independent and Ambitious"

Notice the two different sentences, notice the words marked in red too. In the first sentence, the word ALLOWED has been highlighted.They are like those impending doom,  who considers his wife to be his own property and thinks that, just because he allowed her to work, that’s why she is working. BREAKING NEWS BUDDY, she is working not because you allowed her but because she is an independent and headstrong lady. And it’s her dream to work hard.

In the second sentence, the man actually respects the decision of being Independent and having an ambition. He never considers women as his property, instead, he believes in equality. And, in today’s discussion, we’ll dissect these two characters distinctly.

Let’s begin with the SURREAL character-

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"I want her to be Independent and Ambitious"

1/They have a world of their own

These men actually consider themselves the sole ruler. The lady they get married to have a tough time dealing with his doomed mindset. Initially, before marriage, he behaves very moderately. Starting from paying the restaurant bill to promising about women empowerment, he is like those politicians who forgets their promises once they bag the seat.

2/They have a demanding mindset

They have this strange mindset where they love to dominate people in every aspect. Starting from what his wife will wear to how his wife will talk, these cheap stone age drumsticks have a very stinky mindset.

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3/They are an expert in disguising them

Oh yes! They are an expert in masking their real face.In front of people, they are like, “I respect my wife and her choices”, but very few noticed those black spots below her eyes.This is how he respects his wife.

4/What else you want to hear about this predator??

He is low-grade and his mindset is immoral. To him having a ball is all about beating his wife and abusive sex.

Well, in this world we have some exceptions as well. And they are THE GENTLEMEN. Let’s discuss them.

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"I want her to be Independent and Ambitious"

1/They are chivalrous

 They know how to respect them, they give them their needed privacy and independence. They are happy if their wife works and earns more than them.They can even cook if their wife comes late from office, this sort of helping and caring never demeans their self-value nor it decreases their feeling of BEING A MAN.

2/They have a simple and gentle mindset

Just the opposite to what the demanding group thinks and believes. The GENTLEMEN group believes in giving equal right to both. They allow their wife to maintain their own privacy, choose their own clothes and even, trusts his partner’s decisions. They never spy on their better half nor they question their fidelity.

3/They are what they are

Yes, they show what they are in real. Be it a heavy social gathering or any kind of simple occasion, he is the same. He never wears a mask of disguise and has very calm, gentle attitude. He is sober and knows what to talk and how to present his lady love.

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4/They consider her as their most precious asset

Yup. Lucky are those who get a life partner who considers her as his lifeline and the reason behind his healthy laugh line. They have a caring and protective attitude, they get nervous when they see their ladylove worried. They feel happy when they see their ladylove getting an honour for her performance. And moreover, they find themselves lucky to have her in their life. This is how a true gentleman is and this is how the rest of the men should be.

Loving your wife, caring about her, respecting her, is all that  women needs. They don’t aspire to run after your money and can be by your side even if you lose your job. They know how to love and can go to any extent to protect her family. If needed, she can even give up her job and stay with you, just to ensure you be happy and have a peaceful mind. There are millions of unsaid emotions hidden behind the smile of a woman, they won’t say a word and will take the entire blame on  her.

"I want her to be Independent and Ambitious"

Words of wisdom- Never try to dominate her, try to read her smile and observe her eyes. They only want love, care, and respect.