Inconvenient Yet True Facts about Love and Relationship

Inconvenient Yet True Facts about Love and Relationship

Love is a beautiful emotion and there is so much that you learn while you are in a relationship. When we are in love we see the world with rose tinted glasses and believe that there is nothing more beautiful in this world than the relationship that we share with our partner. What also happens is that we overlook or do not realize that there are certain aspects that are not that rosy. Being in love or a relationship calls for sacrifices, adjustments and compromises. If you want to get in to a relationship or have fallen in love, you must be ready for these things and embrace them with open arms. [ Read: Compatibility in Love and Relationships ]

Inconvenient Yet True Facts about Love and Relationship

Here are 6 inconvenient yet true facts about love and relationship:


  1. Commitment issues

If you both are at a very young age, then no matter how much you love each other, making a solid commitment could prove to be tricky. At this age, you are very unsure about everything and it would be little difficult for you take any major decision when it comes to your relationship. Your partner would be expecting some sort of commitment from you but you are not sure about taking the plunge. Commitment is a big word and you must be sure about what you are getting into before you commit to someone. [ Read: 15 Types of #Relationships to Define Your Love Life


  1. Finances

Money (or the lack of it) plays a big part in our life. So, it is but natural that it would have an effect on our relationship. If you are planning to get married, you need to be in a good financial position or else your girlfriend would be doubtful about spending her life with you. Even if she agrees her parents would not approve of you. Even though nobody has an objection, you might later feel guilty about the fact that you do not have a good standing. A relationship is a huge responsibility and to keep it going, you need some steady income at your disposal.

  1. Physical desires

There should be some connection between two people who are in a relationship. Physical intimacy is important but probably not as relevant. If your partner and you have different expectations from the relationship and share dissimilar views when it comes to physical intimacy, it could lead to trouble in the paradise. There are certain things you need to discuss with your partner so that there is no disagreement in the future. Physical intimacy will eventually kick on but you should not rush in to it or do something that would upset your partner. [ Read: Very Nice Quotes About #Relationships and Love ]

  1. Change yourself

Love changes you- for the better or for the worse. There is some change that your partner expects you to bring in yourself. As both of you are two different individual, you are bound to have differences in opinion and there would be a few things that you would not like in each other. Sometimes, you would change yourself willingly and at times, you will do it out of compulsion. If you resist change and refuse to make the tiniest of alteration in your personality, there will be arguments and fights. You should accept the positive changes and if your partner asks you to change in a way you know would do no good to you, you could try to convince them for the same.

  1. Distances

You both have your individual careers which will take up a lot of your time. Then, you would also need to travel far and wide for work purposes. Sometimes, circumstances could force you to stay away from each other for a very long time. These distances will make you sad and perhaps bring in a bit of insecurity as well. There will be many occasions on which you will have to stay apart from each other. You must accept this fact and deal with it. You love each other but you cannot keep yourselves tied to one another. Both of you have your own lives and a space where you have to be on your own. You must learn to balance it out by stealing some time out of your busy schedule and spending some quality with your partner. [ Read: Ways to Hurt Less and Love More in a #Relationship ]

  1. Compromises

If there is love, there are compromises. You will have to give up on a lot of things which are dear to you for the larger good of the relationship. You should not get upset while doing so. You must remember that you are doing it for the betterment of your relationship and to make your partner happy. If you become selfish and stay away from making sacrifices, the relationship would not last for long.

It is easy to run away from the truth and living with a false image. It takes courage to deal with the truth and accept it wholeheartedly. Being in love is a beautiful thing but there are some rough edges as well. It won’t turn out to be a completely smooth ride but is not going to be very bumpy either.