I’m Unable to Move On – What to do?

I’m Unable to Move On – What to do?

Question Asked:
I have been in a long term relationship before, it lasted for almost 5 years. But he broke up with me with his absurd and futile reasons. He told me he is leaving because he’s busy in his studies and some other stuffs, and then later on, told me that he no longer loves me. The fact is we’re very fine the day before it happened. It’s been 2 years since that broke-up scenario and I’m unable to move on. I still love him throughout these two years. Many proposed to me, but I ignored them because I’m waiting for him, waiting for our second chance. I’m still hoping to work things out even if I knew, there’s no assurance. What was the right thing to do? Please help me.

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I'm Unable to Move On

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Fans Suggestion:
I have a little same situation like yours, in fact we already had our second chance. But now its been almost 2 years but still I cant move on. My advice….pray and try to focus on things that makes you happy. Motivate yourself because you both are not meant for each other. For me, i am still on that process malay mo eventually you’ll forget about him and move on. Try to open your heart to others.

2) He loves you no more.. Try to move on even if it is hard..its been a long time..he doesn’t care for you and to your feelings towards him.. You are hurting yourself… There is someone waiting and stands for you.. Just look around you.. open your eyes so you can see them..also your heart…let him go!

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3) It’s seems that he did you so dirt if you take him back he’ll do it again knowing that he can and it will just be ugly from here on out with him move on your heart will mend.

4)  I understand your situation…Trust me wait for your second chance..continue loving him…there might be a possibility for him to return…True love happens only once.. The way someone made you feel others might fail to make you feel the same… You got one life….one sided love don’t hurt continue believing in yourself.

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5) Hard to Move on but you have to grow up and be happy there should be no excuses regardless together or broke up but he HURT YOU IN PAST  and are you sure YOU want be HURT IN FUTURE by him?

6) If he’s really serious..He will make contact with you even how busy he are. .move on girl..He doesn’t love you. You need to move on. Move forward! ..life is too short , Open your heart to new love. Don’t stick to the guy who doesn’t care to your feeling anymore.

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