If You Make These Promises, Your Relationship Will Be Forever


If You Make These Promises, Your Relationship Will Be Forever

There are few promises that you should be willing to make if you want to strengthen your relationship. Just making these promises won’t do the trick, you have to live by them and never break any. I am not going to give you guys a huge list of promises that you both should make, just a few would be enough for any relationship to be a successful one. And I will list those few in few passages below.

We have a lot of dreams to fulfill together. I promise that I’ll do my part with the best I can do, always and forever

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You don’t have to promise them that their life with you will be nothing short of 100% joy and happiness. Because there will be struggles, there will be sadness, so just promise them that they will never have to fake their happiness when with you, promise them that whatever little happiness and comfort you can provide for them will be a hundred percent genuine. Promise them that you will make them laugh.

Promise them that you will give them your time, promise them that you would never try to swap your time for them with something else. Promise them that you would never sugar-coat your absence with material gifts. Promise them that you won’t talk ill about them when you’re not near, but promise them that you will brag about them to others when they are not around.

Promise them that you will never force yourself on them, physically or mentally, promise them that you would never make them do something that they are not comfortable with. Tell them you know that making love and f*****g are two different things that needs to be done only when it needs to be done, only when it’s right to do so. If s*x is out of question, you should be sure that you can find plenty of other questions answering why their soul and companionship matters more than your lust.

Promise them that if they ever have a bad day, U’ll make it sure it will be safe for them when they’re with you when winding up the day.

Promise them that you will trust them, and you will let them grow, even if it means you won’t be able to have them all by yourself. You should be able to stand in the background and watch them with pure smile and love when they are in the spotlight, promise them that you won’t insist them to share their spotlight with you. Them standing there and growing tall should never threaten your masculinity or identity.

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Promise them that you’ll love them the same everyday, the day you saw them with dimples to the day you saw nothing other than wrinkles. Promise them that you would look at them the same way you did on day one. If you are lucky enough to live a long life with them, live it with as much love you have for them today, then you could say goodbye to this world and close your eyes knowing that you were loved. If you don’t get to live the life with them, if you have to say goodbye right now, you’ll still get to live in the memories you both shared, the love you had. One way or another you should be lucky to have this feeling in you, a feeling that you could nor would have felt if not for them.

Author Manoj