The Ideal Age for a Woman to Move in is?

The Ideal Age for a Woman to Move in is?

Question regarding the ideal age for a woman to move in was recently claimed to have been finally answered by the University of Lumdum. As per the equation 70% of the women should have moved in or should move in with their partner by the age of 11. So I can safely assume almost all if not all of you have passed the ideal age already. Disheartened? Don’t be, the equation is all hocus pocus because trying to solve the matters of the heart with numbers and mathematical equation is a dangerous prospect.

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The Ideal Age for a Woman to Move in is

Things have been moving well for the two of you, work is taking most of your time and you guys have been thinking about the idea of moving in together. More time to spend together, more privacy and a ton of other things have been playing on your mind. It’s tempting for sure but you don’t want to jump into it.

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Each relationship is like an individual on it’s own, unique. Each one having it’s own story, reasons, maturing at different speeds and growing into different beings. Some of the most important factors to be considered for taking the plunge are the age and maturity levels of the relationship and the people in it, their compatibility levels and commitment levels. The best time to move in or get married remains unknown but researchers are of the opinion that you should wait until marriage before moving in as it increases your chances of a successful marriage. But no one like to be told when or how you are supposed to take the bigger decisions of your life and we agree. It is only for you and your partner to decide when to take the final step.

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According to a survey by a government agency people who move in before the age of 25 have a higher chance of getting separated. This in no way means that moving in together before that is a relationship death trap, but it does seem that you will increase your chances of a long and lasting relationship if you can wait till the age of 25.

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Equations, formulas and science cannot answer the question for everyone. Moving in together has it’s own set of advantages and disadvantages, It’s up to you to decide which side holds more weight for you. If you have just about started contemplating whether moving in with your partner is the next step or not, do not rush to a conclusion. It is advised that you start with discussing the big decision your partner about how the two of you want to shape the future of your relationship. For most big decisions it is most likely that the best decision can come only from you and your Instincts, there are no guarantees of success after all life is a gamble.