I wish I could Change the Things which Happened…

I wish I could change the things which happened
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I wish I could change the things which happened

I wish I could change the things which happened,
To be near to the ones who mattered.
To behold them, never let them go,
To tease them, make them happy once they said go!

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I wish I could capture every scintillating experience of my childhood,
The period of utmost joy and love from motherhood.
Those sweet- sweet punishments which I got from mother,
Still en-kindles the spark of infantile nature which I can’t get another.

I wish I could stop the time and turn it backwards,
To change the things which got messed up,
To hold the hands of those who left up.

Under whose ordinance I learned to laugh and grow,
O lord let them send down and take my bow.

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I wish I had the ability to understand the love behind the anger,
But I couldn’t do anything except to endeavor.
I wish I could turn the tides back,
To setback the things that I forgot to place back.
I wish I could see some tenderness connected to death,
To bring back the souls of my dear ones from the harbingers of death

I wish I could ever maintain a smile on my parents face forever,
Making them feel proud on my deeds ever.
I wish I could ever heal the wounds of the broken heart,
The atrocities, the distress given by life on my part.

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I wish I could herald the news of disasters to happen,
Saving lives of innocent people that are going to dampen.
I wish I could carve out all the pain from world,
Leaving behind the radiance of merriment and joy all over the world.

I wish I could ever remove the encumbrance on the poor,
Give them smiles and happiness and let their anguishes to pour.

I wish I could ever give you the ability to see you through my eyes,
To see the unconditional love and care that resides.
To overwhelmingly say that you are special,
To tell that you are the diamond whose sparkling shine enlightens the world of someone who is logical.

I wish I could read the minds of those who betrayed,
To help them understand the agony of those on which they played.

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I wish I could ever meet you my Lord just
To thank you for all the happiness and contentedness in my life,
To tell that you have given more than what I deserved in my life,
To tell that you have been with me at each and every phase of my life.
To say that I would have never reached this place without you.
To get a promise of always being blessed by you.
To beg forgiveness for my stupid deeds from you.

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Everyone has some wishes to be fulfilled, I too have some but mine are too many I think. This poem reflects some of my wishes which I always wish to be fulfilled. Some wishes are way too general and some are complicated yet they are wishes and they must not be classified I think. This poem is too special for me since it brings out emotions of love and pain giving some heart throbbing experiences. I hope you all will also enjoy reading it. Do share your reviews.

by: Piyush Kapoor