I Don’t Love Him but He is Important in My Life: What to do ?

I Don’t Love Him but He is Important in My Life: What to do ?

How can I make someone realize how much I care for that one person? I don’t love him but that person has a very important place in my life. Please suggest what to do.

A member of our Facebook page needed little help with her relationship. So she reached us with this question and wanted to get it published on our page to get multiple suggestions regarding the situation the sender is going through right now. Below mentioned are some top fan suggestion’s that helped the sender with her situation.

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I Don't Love Him but He is Important in My Life: What to do

1# Loving is Caring and Caring is Loving:

If you still care for him continue loving him, cause loving is caring and caring is loving! Point is, you can’t ignore his love completely, if you really care for someone then just tell them & show it through your actions and efforts. It’s not really that hard to show someone that you care for them, actions speak louder than words, but sometimes telling them with words is just as important as well. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you different, it’s never too late for anything cause time is always on your side and it’s only up to you to pick the right time to show them your love and care. If they really feel the same way they won’t hesitate to come back to take a chance to see your actions and efforts, as long as they’re important to you, make sure that they know it for themselves as well? I hope this helps, good luck.

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2# Try Saying it through Quotes:

Not all people don’t know how to express their love so a Love Quote or Card could help them express it all over again, especially if you have been hurt before.

3# Try those Simple Thoughtfulness:

Instead of saying that you love that person, you need to prove it by doing some other things together, the unusual things that you don’t actually do. Or maybe ask Him/ Her for a dinner outside, or maybe watch a movie together. There’s a lot of things to do for you to show you care for that person. If that person is weak or ill, maybe you could take time to be with Him/ Her when needed. Give a flower, and surprise that person with chocolates, hug that person and say it’s not your special day but I thought you deserve these. Surely that person will smile. If you don’t actually love a person and you just wanted to show that you care, all those simple thoughtfulness will do.

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4# Set Some Boundaries:

If he or she is important, then there’s nothing more to ask, just care enough, be there, set some priorities. If you don’t love that person why care? Why is he/she important? Being in someones’ life as a friend, is more important than not having them at all. Set some boundaries!

5# Tell them Straight:

You don’t need to get someone to realize it in the first place, it’s not them who needs to do it. It’s you and the best way to do is, to show. If you don’t love the person but somehow they are important in your life, tell honestly and be true to yourself. Love has many ways and definitions. Sometimes, there are things we want that we don’t need and things we need that we don’t want, but no matter how small or big it is, it is important to appreciate it’s value. Tell them straight if the value you have for that person is warranted they will understand and be grateful for your honesty.

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6# Never Leave their Side:

Always be there for that person love him. No matter how hard it gets stay in his/her life. Always listen to their problems if they have any. Try to spend a lot of time with him/her. Always stick around and never leave their side.

What else do you suggest if she doesn’t love him? Let us know in comments below. Got some questions that needs to be answered? Send it to our Facebook page. Hope this article really helped you, do share it with someone in need.