I am in Love with my Best Friend – What to do?

I am in Love with my Best Friend – What to do?

Question Asked:
I am in love with my best friend . we are in two different colleges, what I meant is, its a long distance relationship. Everything was fine before, but the trouble she faced was her family will not approve me only because I am from a different caste. And she always used to tell me that even if we couldn’t make a life together I should marry some other girl & live happily & don’t waste my life in thoughts of her & we could be best friends as always we used to be from school days. But I used to refuse that & after many months now one boy from her college proposed her & she told me that & she refused him. But her roommates & friends are in support of him & due to many problems that occurred before she could not tell about me. But she has said to her friends she loves me but her parents wont approve. Now after many days she tell me she has a big crush on that guy & I was hurt so much. So i just asked one of her friend for help without her knowledge & when she came to know about that, she just called me & shouted at me & now she’s telling she’s not even thinking of me & I am in much worse condition now & I lost my academics interest, my sports, drawing, guitar. But I love her & only her & ready to wait. Should I? & shes my best friend too.

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I am in Love with my Best Friend

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Fans Suggestion:
1) Clear your mind dude,she’s no longer your best friend,she’s changed, you must do that too, she does not deserve your love anymore, let yourself to be founded by a girl who does deserve you.

2) Ok, if she yelled at you because you were trying to basically show her you love her, by getting suggestions from who know her better, then have best friends around her other than you, this is obviously she does not appreciate your respect or the amount of love you have in your heart for her. I know it hurts, and it’s going to burn, but you have to slowly let go, after a certain point in time you deserve to be happy to. But I’m not discouraging you from continuously trying, because it’s worth a shot when you truly love someone. But just keep your happiness in mind to.

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3) Moving on is so hard to but, if it is the best thing to do you should go on reality the you two are not meant to each other. Just let her go on on her life and start to face it without the presence of each other, you will find some one who deserve for your love and someone who accept who you are someone that can stand for you and someone who will love you no matter what you have on your life.

4) If she don’t need you then why you need because in love both should be ready to accept.she would have be with the. Married guy but can’t remain for a long time if she truly loved her.So just wait for her either forget him.Because no way because we can’t force anyone.

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5) Man, try to make prayers due to what you are facing, remember don’t let anyone to spoil your heart for nothing. Go on with prayers if you still love her, God will help you and Walk on the answer of your prayers.

6) It’s time to move on. I know it’s hard, but you will find the right girl who will love you for you are. Just be patient.

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