Husband Writes an Open Letter to His Wife

Husband Writes an Open Letter to His Wife

Infidelity is not acceptable. If your partner cheats on you, you will not only be heartbroken but absolutely devastated. The thoughts of their deceit will not let you be in peace. Marriage is a divine bond. But many men go ahead and break this for some other woman they meet. They take their wives for granted and cheat on them, while the wives, in turn, wait for them to come home. Let’s see a hand written letter written by a husband who has cheated on his wife and is asking for her forgiveness.

Husband Writes An Open Letter to His Wife


This letter is to tell you about how I have let you down, and broken your trust. I am not worthy of your love anymore. I have committed the sin of cheating. I really needed to let this out. I had no face to tell you this one to one, hence I chose to write this letter. You have been an amazing wife, a beautiful mother to my children and a brilliant home maker. Despite this, I have let you down. [ Read: A Heartfelt Message For The Best Wife From Her Husband 


I want to confess my failure to be a good husband. I had an extra marital affair with my secretary at work. She kept making passes at me and I just couldn’t think any better. All this happened six months ago. We went out for a couple of months, post which she started blackmailing me about telling you. I had to shell out a bit of money to her to shut her mouth because I was scared of losing you. She then changed jobs and thankfully vanished from my life. I have thought about telling you this every single day for the past four months but didn’t have the courage to. [ Read: 10 Tips to be a good house husband ]

 Yesterday, when I saw you cook my favorite dishes on my birthday, it made me realize that I cannot hide this bitter truth from you anymore. I have never felt the need to be with any other woman throughout our marriage. I always felt happy and satisfied with you. Work pressure, late nights at work and immense financial issues got me stressed and unhappy with myself. Somehow, because of this bitterness and oodles of tension I committed this grave mistake. I wish I knew better back then. I regret my actions today. I am ashamed of myself. [ Read: Very Nice Rules Of Love For Couples ]

I do not expect you to keep me in your house, in your life. But I owe you a huge apology for this misconduct. I just want you to know that I’ve never had any feelings for anybody else, except you. I still love you and will always continue to do so. Our kids are amazing and you make them better each day. We were a very happy family. But I think I have spoilt it all, for all of us. I don’t want my children to pay the price of my mistakes. Above all, I know I have hurt you immensely. I will never ever do this again, I promise you this. Whether you forgive me or not, I am committed to you and only you forever in my life. [ Read: Double Date with other couples – Pros and Cons ]

Whatever you decide is the best for the both of us, I will comply with that. But please, don’t tell our children of this. I don’t want them to be ashamed of their dad. I love them a lot and want them to think that we both are happy together.  I just think of how I have let you down and it makes me teary eyed. I don’t even feel like coming home after work, because I can’t face you. You have given me my family, my children, so much love, support and strength. I really am sorry sweetheart. I know it is just a word, and is nothing compared to the trauma I have caused you. But please, please forgive me. [ Read: 12 ‘Must Know’ Dating Rules For Classy Men And Women ]

You can punish me however you like, but I beg you not to make me go away from you. I will do everything that you want to even begin to make up for my mistake, but please do give me a chance.

One last chance,

Your apologetic husband.

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