Being A Husband : The true qualities and Responsibilities


Being A Husband : The true qualities and Responsibilities

Keeping in mind the increasing rates of divorces, the responsibilities of a husband are on a serious judgemental podium. Being a husband is easy, but being THE MAN OF THE HOUSE is something you need to learn. So before putting all the duties and the blames on your wife, before signing the papers of divorce, think about your role and your responsibilities.

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Being A Husband : The true qualities and Responsibilities

1/Avoid being judgemental all the time

Yes, you are indeed the bread earner of your house and the house runs on your earning. But please, don’t deny the fact that your wife contributes the same amount too and is, in fact, working no less than you do. Being a woman she has many duties other than just working in the office and she is very much alert about the same. You shouting each time she fails to give you the dinner at the right time or your continuous talking about her office hours is not right . It’s fine if she earns more than you or she comes late sometimes, instead of shouting at her, help her by already preparing the dinner and by putting the baby off to sleep. This is how a relationship evolves or nurtures into something beautiful.

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2/Learn to respect your wife

Marrying an ambitious wife and later on realizing you did a fault, and then to rectify it you seek a divorce. WHY?? SO what if she is ambitious, she has a fixed goal and wants to have a family later on, what’s the big deal. Respect your wife’s ambition, support her to live her dream, don’t just blindly believe this doomed society and their age old belief. Learn to respect her flaws, work together to improve and be a good husband.

3/Be Responsible

Responsibility as a husband remains the same- Earn, spend, earn, spend! Do you think that being THE MAN OF THE HOUSE this is your only duty?? Apart from earning that extra cash your other pivotal responsibilities include –

  • Supporting your wife during her crisis. Being there for her when she is ill and taking care of the house
  • Knowing about each other’s differences and trying to understand them. Avoiding fights and settling down for a mutual understanding.
  • Sharing the household duties equally between each other
  • Avoiding abusive or harsh words
  • Respecting her career and her job. If she wants to settle her career allow her to do so rather than forcing her to have a family.

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4/ Being Wise and Practical

A husband who thinks practically and not like a fool is the real man of the house. Planning a secure financial future for his family, taking advice from his better if necessary and working together to earn, is the real sign of a WISE husband.

5/ To be a man

And how can we forget that in our society we still have such pervert minded people who look down upon a woman who incomes more than her husband or is in a higher position than her husband! Be a man and give a befitting reply to those doomed thinkers if necessary, stand strongly by her side and yes, always trust your wife. She loves you and if needed she can leave that precious job just to take care of you and her family. To her, nothing is more important than her family’s happiness and safety.

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Being A Husband : The true qualities and Responsibilities

I have seen my dad performing these duties proudly. And yes, I can happily say that no matter how hard our life was earlier, now it’s a happy space. My dad respected my mom’s decision of quitting her job when I was born, and now when I am all grown up he is supporting mom to live her dream of dancing all over again. This is what a relationship or basically marriage is all about, respecting each other’s sacrifices.