How to Tell if Your Flirtation-ship is Headed Nowhere

How to Tell if Your Flirtation-ship is Headed Nowhere

Flirting with someone can be fun. You mostly like to flirt with people whom you find to be attractive. You are interested in them but not to the extent that you would like to get into a full blown relationship with them. You just want to flirt with them for a while and move on. Flirting turns out to be fun only when the other person shows some interest in you. If you keep flirting with someone who does not acknowledge your presence then you should probably stop trying. Your flirting should pick up pace only when the other person shows interest and starts flirting with you as well. You could show your interest in a person by making a few moves and flirting a bit with them but if the person does not seem, interested, you must not harass them. [ Read: 10 Sure Signs You Can’t Trust the Guy You Are Dating]

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Different people have different motives. While some people flirt because of some fleeting infatuation, a lot of them do it because they are genuinely interested in a person and want to take things with them beyond flirting. Flirting, for them, seems to be gateway to get close to that person. Flirting can often lead to help you get a partner and at times, it may not lead you anywhere.

Here is how you could find out whether your flirtation-ship is headed nowhere:

  1. They do not show interest

The first and foremost step of your flirtation-ship will not be going anywhere if the person, whom you are flirting with, does not show any interest in you. While you are trying your best to flirt mischievously with them and drawing their attention towards you, they are showing no interest in your tactics. [ Read: Does your Boyfriend have a Flirty Girl as Best Friend?


  1. They do not flirt as much

While they show interest in  flirting with you for a while their intensity does not quite match up to yours. If such is the case then you both should move on, the level of interest needs to be equally present. They must show the same kind of enthusiasm while flirting with each other. There should be give and take relationship from both sides.

  1. One of you gets uncomfortable

While both of you may be flirting with each other, there might come a time where the two of you could get a little uncomfortable. It is hard to explain as to why this happens but if you are not someone who flirts with every person around, then you might feel awkward after flirting for a while. It can also happen if the other person is making you feel ill at ease. [ Read: 15 Big Early Warning Signs of a Bad Boyfriend ]

  1. The awkward silence

You could be flirting incessantly but suddenly it all comes to a stop. Both of you fall short of words and topics to talk about. You struggle for words but you cannot find any. What remains is an awkward silence between the two of you.

  1. They flirt with everyone

You find someone attractive;you start talking to them and they start flirting with you. You realize they are interested in you but after a while you see them flirting with a whole lot of people. You might have hoped for things to move ahead but this revelation works as reality check for you. You realize that they flirt with every other person and you are certainly not special to them. [ Read: Ending a Date – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Way ]

  1. Keep talking

Everything starts with a conversation but when nothing really happens, apart from conversations for a long time there is something amiss. How often you talk to a stranger? You do expect to take a step further and go beyond just talking to each other. But, if they do not show any inclination towards anything else but just talking, then things are certainly not going to move forward.

  1. They are not sure

When you ask them whether they want to take things forward they seem unsure and does not seem to make up their mind about it. While you are interested in going beyond flirting, they are not too sure about their feelings. You could ask them as why do they feel confused and what is it that stops them from making up their mind. If they do not seem to figure it out, there is a very slim chance of things going in any direction. [ Read: 13 Obvious Signs of Flirting ]

  1. Things get boring

While talking to each other seemed very interesting in the beginning, things gets boring after a while. The person, who came across as very interesting in the beginning, does not seem appealing any more. The spark has fizzled out and the attraction is just not there. When both of you have lost interest in each other completely, it is better to bid goodbye to each other and move on.

Flirting is a fun thing to do but it should not be taken very seriously. If you are serious about someone you need to go beyond flirting and confess your feelings to you. If you do not do that, then you must know that flirting would not take you anywhere.