How to Stroke Your Mans Ego when He is Feeling Down

How to Stroke Your Mans Ego when He is Feeling Down

How to Stroke Your Man’s Ego when He is Feeling Down

Every individual, no matter how humble s/he is, has a sense of pride that inflates at times. Sometimes, they find themselves in situations in which their self-respect is at stake. Getting into such situations can hurt their ego and make them feel low. When your partner is upset for some reason, you want to cheer him up and make him come out of his gloomy mood. You have come across several instances when your friend was in a bad mood and you cheered them up. But, a man’s mind works differently from a woman. To remove the dark shadow that has been cast on his mind, you have to understand him first. Stroking a man’s ego is not an easy task but with some experience, you will be able to understand how to get him out of a dark phase. [ Read: Affairs in a Marriage and the Big Role of Egos in it


Here are a few ways to stroke your man’s ego when he is feeling down:

  1. Ask them out

Most of the times, it is your man who asks you out on dates but when he is feeling low, you could take the initiative. You would not have a lot of time to plan things. So, you could take him to a place which he likes and treat him to some fine delicacies. You do not, necessarily, have to put up something that elaborates detailing. Just a simple and fun outing would cheer him up. [ Read: How to get Yourself Together after a Breakup and Fall in Love Again! ]

  1. Talk to them

Having a good conversation is the most basic and essential thing to do when he is upset. He might be too upset to give elaborate replies and reply in monosyllables. You must put some effort and convince him to share his problems with you. You can address his issues only when you are aware of them. Do not give up easily and keep asking him unless he tells you as to what is bothering him.

  1. Seek his help

If he really loves you, he would not avoid you when you need him for something. He will help you even he himself is in a bad mood. If you do not have a problem that requires his attention, then cook up something and ask him to help you out with that. That would coax him into breaking out of his shell and reaching out to talk to you. [ Read: Should You Take Your Husbands Last Name ]

  1. Flirt with him

When things get very serious, it is important to bring an element that would make the environment a little bright. Act mischievous and flirt with him. Use your moves to bring out his romantic side. Hold his hand, whisper sweetly in his ear and encourage him to flirt with you as well. Add some romance to the proceedings to spice up things.

  1. Compliment him

An effective way of making someone happy is to compliment them. He might be going through a rough patch at the moment but you could talk to him about something that he achieved in the recent past. It could be a small thing but reminding him about the same could elevate his spirits. Praise him for what he did and it would instil a sense of confidence in him. Receiving a compliment does wonders to one’s mood. It would make people remember their past achievements and make them realize that they are worth something. [ Read: 15 Compliments for Guys They’ll Never Ever Forget! ]

  1. Make him feel special

You must be filled with several ideas in which you can make him feel special about himself. This is the time to put those ideas to use and implement them to make him happy. Bake a cake or say something incredibly sweet which would make him smile.  Be creative and think of several other ways in which you can bring a smile to his face. If something misfires, try another method. Keep trying and you will definitely make him forget his sorrows.

  1. Make your presence felt

You must let him know that you are there for him by assuring him of your support. He should not feel alone in such a trying circumstance when he has you around him. Support cannot be merely expressed in words. You have to prove it by your actions. Go all the way to help him and get him out of the situation he is in. [ Read: How to Charm a Girl and Flatter Her Into Liking You ]

  1. Help him move forward

Setbacks are a part of our life. We go through several dark pass in life. But, there is light too. You have to make him realize that there is no point in mulling over things which he has no control over. You could help him check out a plan to set things right and move forward in life. Feeling bad about something that happened in the past and letting it play with your mind is very dangerous. You must not let him succumb to the fear of failure and help him muster the courage to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Men are as moody as women but setting their mood could prove to be a difficult task. If you have been dating him for a while and know him well, you would be able to cheer him up in soon enough. You must remember that they are in a vulnerable state of mind and hence, you must be careful while going about the process. You have to make him realize that this is just a phase and it will pass.