How To Stop Feeling Neglected By The One You Love

How To Stop Feeling Neglected By The One You Love

When we are in a relationship, we seek love and attention from our partner, feeling neglected is the last thing we expect from a relationship. We expect them to look after us and be concerned about our needs. Nothing feels worse than being neglected by our partner. We feel terrible and wonder why they seem indifferent towards us. At such times, you should not act as a victim and take pity on yourself. You must stop yourself from getting affected by this feeling.  [ Read: 10 Ways to Avoid the Awkward Tension After an Argument ]

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Here are a few ways in which you can stop feeling neglected by the one you love:

  1. Find out the cause

If your partner was extremely close and now, all of a sudden, has been behaving strangely, then there must be some reason that must have triggered that kind of behavior in them. There can be no smoke without fire. You must find out the reason behind them being indifferent to you instead of feeling neglected. You should not waste your time in making assumptions about feeling neglected or random guesses as they would not help. Before you go about working out the issue, you must figure what the problem really is.  [ Read: 13 Annoying Things Boyfriends Do and How to Avoid Them ]

  1. Something is bothering them

We deal with so many adverse situations in life that it sometimes takes a toll on us. We vent out our frustration on our loved ones. We neglect them for any mistake of theirs. Although his kind of behavior is absolutely wrong and cannot be justified, one realizes this sooner or later. If your partner is going through a bad phase in life and wants some space, then you should leave them alone for some time. Give them the time they need to come out of this zone. You must empathize with them and support them in any way you can.

  1. Take a break

While a break sounds like an alarming term when one sees it with the context of a relationship, it can also act as a savior when your relationship is going through a troubled phase. Whenever someone utters the word break, do not consider it to be break up. A short break can actually help you deal with your relationship a little better. Stay away from each other for a while. Do not make any phone calls and do not try to meet. Of course, you will miss each other but it would be a matter of a few weeks or months. When you get back to each other, you will find out that all your problems do not exist now and you can start your relationship on a fresh note.  [ Read: 14 Awkward Questions You Should Avoid Asking a Guy ]

  1. Try to understand them

Sometimes we get so absorbed in our own understanding of a situation that we fail to see somebody else’s perspective. Whenever your relationship is going through a rough patch you must try to see things from your partner’s eyes. Encourage them to share their viewpoint and without being judgmental try to ponder over it for a while. You must understand the way they feel about the whole issue. Once you get that, you will know why they are being indifferent towards you.

  1. You are not a victim

The one thing you should never resort to is self-sympathy. Some people tend to be very emotional. When their partner neglects them, they get extremely upset and try to portray themselves as victims. Being depressed or mulling over things would not help you in any way. You can help yourself by puling yourself out of the situation you are in. Do not think deeply about the situation. Try to cheer yourself up and make yourself happy.  [ Read: 13 Clingy Girlfriend Traits You Must Avoid ]

  1. Do not be dependent

The main reason why you get upset when your partner neglects you is that you are dependent on them. Being in a relationship does connect you with another person but you should not let yourself get dependent on him. You should retain your individuality even as you expect them to make you happy. If you remain the same string and independent person you were before getting into the relationship, you will not get upset when your partner ignores you.

  1. Talk to them

Talk to them and ask what has made them so indifferent towards you instead of feeling neglected. You must not put any pressure on them. Instead, let them say how they feel about you and the relationship. There could be several things that made them feel unsure about the relationship. You will get the exact reason only when you will be ready to face the truth, no matter how bitter it turns out to be. You should let them know their indifferent behavior hurts you and you have the right to know why they treat you the way they do.  [ Read: The Secret Behind Long Lasting Relationships]

  1. Introspection                                                                                                                                

Did you do something that irked your partner? It is not right to blame yourself for your partner’s indifferent behavior. However, there is no harm in doing some introspection and trying to figure out whether you have done something that ended up hurting them. If you think that you did something of that sort in the past, then you should take some corrective measures immediately.

Why do you feel depressed when somebody neglects you? It is because you have let your partner hold the key to your happiness. Of course you would feel hurt when your partner neglects you but you should make yourself develop into a strong individual so that you remain unaffected by the way somebody else treats you.