How to Put an Affair to a Full STOP and Get Over with it!

How to Put an Affair to a Full STOP and Get Over with it!

How to Put an Affair to a Full STOP and Get Over with it!

Ending an affair can take a long time. Mentally ending it can take a longer time. You may or may not feel guilty about it. It has the ability to control your life and even dominate it to such an extent that it goes out of your hands. Having in mind to end an affair is the foremost step and a logical one.

When you have finally made up your mind, don’t go towards the emotional side all over again. Hand holding and involving in other things won’t help you to get what you want. The initial stage of the relationship must have been very smooth and started by the rules of fate. But, to end a relationship, one needs dedication and lots of strength. [ Read: Affairs in a Marriage and the Big Role of Egos in it ]

Ending an affair may take all the time in the world.  The temptation to get into it all over again may take your head to a spin. Sticking to the same mindset may give you a bright future. It is a basic human nature that nobody can live with a person who is always up for a fight. It’s better to choose somebody else’s arms than to improve a spoiled relationship.

An affair is never the answer to a failing relationship. Try to work on it and if doesn’t work out because of any reason, and then go for a break up. Don’t get involved in another relationship instead as it will just make your life more confused. [ Read: 18 Emotional Affair Signs You Probably Missed Out! ]

Below are a few of the tips to deal with a break up and its after effects.

Every relationship needs a proper amount of love and care which it needs to possess to make the thing work. It also needs patience in abundance to stick to the thing for a long time.

1. Go to a friend for some emotional support!

An affair is something that you just can’t share it with anybody. It needs to be a secret to justify its existence. You can always go to a trusted friend for discussing your issues and when you seek a solution or in need of some support. Just pour out your heart to a friend and don’t hide any details. Then, try to understand their point of view. It’s always good to take a second opinion. It’s always better if you an emotional support walking beside you. [ Read: 10 Signs Your Partner is Having An Affair ]

2. Try and put your focus on the cons!

Make a list of all the possible cons which you can derive out of a relationship. Be it the tears, sacrifices, be it the guilt or any other flaw which it possesses. If you have listed quite a few things, then you can be sure of a thing that this affair is taking a lot from you rather than giving you any good. You definitely don’t need to possess a failed relationship to escape from your dull and monotonous life.

3. Hide everything which states that you were in an affair!

If you have realized the importance of your real relationship over your short lived affair, then start wiping off the signs that you had one. Realization is acceptable even if it comes in time. Lose contact with your lover and try to shift in your focus back on your partner. Something which is not right is always tempting but self control is a must in everything. You can’t trust your lover as that relationship was only based on one thing. [ Read: 7 Ways To Start Healing Your Relationship After an Affair ]

4. Try to resist!

An affair is a really tempting thing to be in if nothing is going right in your relationship. But, for the sake of loyalty, one should avoid dwelling in that. After nothing goes fine in a relationship, people often tend to be more vulnerable and after they are done with their affair, they often try to find something else to interest them. This is the time when your entire focus should be on your partner. It takes strength and courage to make the relationship survive amidst all the problems creeping in.

5. Don’t answer back the past!

Your lover would never let you go if you still hold yourself in the same vulnerable situation. You have to learn to stick to your decision so that it works in a better way. You don’t need to feel guilty about it as the relationship had no foundations in the very first place. [ Read: Ways to Handle Dating Someone With Anger Issues ]

6. Confession time!

Wait for the right time when things start to fall in place again and when your relationship is not vulnerable anymore. If you don’t confess things with your partner, the guilty level may go up to another level.

Ending a thing which is so tempting is never easy. It takes a real amount of strength and determination to overcome the hurdles.