15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You

15 Ways to Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You

Want somebody under your spell like just ASAP? There are numerous things on which one needs to focus upon to make someone go all crazy over you. You need to know all the hidden tricks in your mind and need to make them function in a perfect way. We have gathered a bunch of few tricks which will help you in some or the other way to achieve what you want.

15 Ways To Make Him or Her Go Crazy Over You


These things will also be resulting in improving yourself and in getting attention from your ‘would be partner’.

  1. Be natural

At any stage of life, nobody likes to have a fake bunch of company. Everybody wants somebody with whom they can be real with. This can only be achieved when the counterpart is equally real and chilled out in being himself/herself. Trying to overdo and transforming yourself into something other will not stay for a lifetime as one day the secret will reveal. Be natural with how you are and grab the show!  [ Read: 13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your Boyfriend ]

  1. Be unpredictable

Predictable is routine activity and at times boring. One expects her/his partner to be unpredictable and come up with new joys and reasons to laugh at every phase of life. One will definitely go crazy if you step out of the ordinary things and dive into the exciting experiences. Being spontaneous is the key to happiness in every way.

  1. Be independent

Who likes it when you use your daddy’s money for everything for your entire life? Now is the generation who wants to seek happiness from working on their own. Being independent for a woman or man is the same now because of the modernization concept. One should know what they want and should be crystal clear about it. Miss independent is one thing that can stay on any guy’s mind and it uplifts the woman’s stature in his mind. Nobody likes to deal with the one who is clingy or needy every time in their life. A girl should be strong and should not rely on anybody for survival. This will sure shot get him hooked if he has broadminded way to portray things.  [ Read: 10 Signs that He Is The One ]

  1. Confidence is what you need

The best thing in life is that people see only what you show them. Most of them have no interest how you reached that level. It is seen that how you present yourself in front of them that is how they will perceive you. Even if you are under confident in the initial phase of life, don’t lose hope. People at times try to fake confidence and they reach till that level that it gets inherited in them. The best thing in this is that anyone and everyone can do it with such ease. This quality is so appealing and captivating that one can easily fall for this trait of yours. So, keep your shyness aside and steal the platform for everything!

  1. Locking eyes

A long gaze into his eyes will make things happening if it is being done at the perfect time. It may work as magic as it may get you what you want. It may even stir up emotions from both the ends if it hasn’t started earlier. [ Read: 10 Signs that He Is The One ]

  1. Surprise Surprise!

Who doesn’t like surprises? Everybody in the world likes a change and the unexpected thing that goes with it. This kind of surprise means surprising him with your different sides in life. If you’re giving him the daily dose of seeing you acting like a lady and properly dressed, give him something different to see. Be the real you, be all messed up and see if he likes that too. If you are thee responsible type like in school, then show him your fun and crazy side.

  1. Bring out the fun side in you

Nobody likes to date a boring and monotonous guy/girl. Everybody likes to have a fun loving person in their lives. Don’t be that typical girly girl who is all engrossed in fashion day and night. Keeping yourself groomed is good but it should not exceed its limits. Men like women who are adventurous and fun, unlike the creed. A girl who is wild and crazy will make any guy go gaga over her in no time.  [ Read: 10 Cute ways to propose your girlfriend ]

  1. No high maintenance stuff

Guy find high maintenance girls literally a bore, there are no new things you can ever expect from them. Guys like girls to be well groomed but not so finicky about their looks that it gives a headache. A guy would like his girl to be chilled out about what she has and don’t care much about the body type or the way of dressing.

  1. Let him always want more and more

Make sure you always leave him wanting more. Guys love to fight what they want to have. They love the chasing part and getting success at the end. They enjoy it more if you resist a bit from them. If you serve yourself as easy for him, then it won’t make him go crazy for you as it will get obvious and easy for him to get you. Make him realize that he needs to work hard for it to get himself all by your side. [ Read: 18 Ways To Look Attractive And Make Him Give A Second Look! ]

  1. Use a good perfume

This might sound a bit superficial but it is true that guys like girls using the same perfume whenever she’s around him. This is found very attractive by all types of men. Women may pick a sexy, seductive kind of perfume which can set their plan into action.

  1. Try to avoid insecurity

Just speaking of it may sound easy but deep down it’s tough to control your emotions and insecurities. But, one should try hard to avoid it in order to have a successful relationship. If a guy is interested in you, then he obviously finds you attractive and beautiful. Complaining constantly about how you look would only annoy him to bits which is very unattractive in a women. [ Read: 16 Reasons Why You are Always Being Taken for Granted ]

  1. Don’t try to change your partner

Even if you don’t like his rugged shoes, still you should be accepting him the way he is rather than complaining about petty things. One should let his/her partner be as they want to. Unnecessary expectations might kill you and your relationship with that person. Respect your partner as he/she is!

  1. Try to gel up with his/her friends

People like it when you get along with the other person in an instant. Try to gel up with his friends even if you don’t like them much. Friends can actually try and convince him for you and it’s also good to know more people. [ Read: Difference Between Love And Friendship ]

  1. No sticking around

Guys don’t like girls sticking to them everywhere they go. Maintaining some distance in a relationship grows it even more. Giving space to each other is very important, be it you are in a relationship or just friends till now.

  1. Be a good support system

Be it you are friends or entered the relationship phase, acting as a good support system will never go waste. Guys like it when they have someone as their listener at any time and you could also give some relevant points of relaxation. [ Read: Partners Should Be Good Friends For Successful Relationships ]

Now, keeping all these suggestions in mind, you can go and woo your ‘would be partner’ perfectly. Don’t just fake yourself for anybody, there are no less guys/girls in this world. You can get anyone in this world. Just wear confidence wherever you go and set your mark!