How to Lose a Guy or a Girl in 10 Ways

How to Lose a Guy or a Girl in 10 Ways

You like a guy at your work or at your gym or in your neighborhood, but you don’t have the slightest idea of how you should go about it or how you must give him hints that you want to start talking to him.  It can be quite tricky to start a conversation with somebody you like, especially for girls, because they are too afraid to be taken in a wrong way.

How to Lose a Guy or a Girl in 10 Ways

Let’s see a few ways how you can start a conversation with the guy you like!

  1. Play “The Mosby”

We all have seen the classic “How I met your Mother”. Nothing irks a girl or a guy than a “I love you” on the first or second date with them. It makes them think that you are a freak and kind of desperate. It is the classic “Ted Mosby” move, where he proposed to Robin just after their first date and the move was cleverly used by his friend Barney Stinson to get rid of girls he didn’t want to hang around!

  1. Talk about a string of random affairs

If you really want to get rid of this person badly, make yourself appear like you have had a string of random affairs with girls or guys since your school days. This might scare the person out of their wits and you will lose them easily.

  1. Make them believe you are a loser

Nothing is more embarrassing than dating a loser. It is the attitude that makes a person, a “loser”. Make yourself appear like you are a loser, who hasn’t figured anything in life. You still live with your parents and haven’t opened out to anyone till date. Tell them you don’t have any friends and you live a simple life and are happy with it!

  1. Tell them your ex is still into you

Everyone is insecure about their date’s ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Show them really cool pictures of you and your ex and then go on to talk about how you guys often hang out together and they still have a thing for you. Tell her or him that your ex is just waiting to get back to them, as soon as they can.

  1. Reveal your crazy fantasies to them

You might have crazy fantasies about love or life. Reveal your crazy fantasies or thoughts to them. Tell them that you believe in ghosts and you often encountered them. Tell them that how you were once saved by a criminal lawyer when you almost killed your plumber.

  1. Say that you are a mama’s boy or girl

Nothing is more irritating than a full grown adult being extremely close to their mom or dad. It is good to be loved and love your parents, but asking them for small things like taking a loo break or discussing what you want to wear today is really baby like and it will make you lose your date instantly!

  1. Become a sob baby

Keep crying about how your boss bullies you. Tell him or her that your co-workers make fun of you and how you drag yourself to work everyday. Become a sob baby and complain about how life has been so unfair to you. Tell them how you failed to pay your credit card bills since few months! This will surely drive them away.

  1. Turn up with a lipstick mark on your collar

This might even turn a bit violent. Turn up at your date with a lipstick mark or a ladies perfume (for guys) or a guy’s perfume (for girls) to annoy and disgust your partner. This will surely make them leave you if not kill you! 😛

  1. Ask the girl to pay the bill at your dates

When the guys don’t know how to be chivalrous, girls often dump them. If you don’t really like this girl and want to get rid of  her, tell her how you are broke this month and make her pay the bill at every date of yours. She might give in a few times, but eventually will get fed up and leave you.

10. Flirt with your friend on phone in front of the date

Ask one of your friends to ring you up while you’re out with this person. Start flirting in front of them and laughing. Make sure the call lasts for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This will make their face go red and they might even kick you!

What are the funny ways you have used to lose a guy or girl you didn’t like? Share with us in the comments section.