How to Look Cute and Melt a Guy’s Heart in 25 Ways

How to Look Cute and Melt a Guy’s Heart in 25 Ways

How to Look Cute and Melt a Guy’s Heart in 25 Ways

While some guys are attracted towards wild chicks, some prefer cute girls. If you are in love with a guy who has a thing for the latter, you need to come across as cute and sweet to him. There should be a trace of wildness or ferocity in you. Getting into the garb of a cute girl could be a little tough if you are not one already but there are some easy ways to turn yourself in to one. [ Read: Video: Boyfriend Flies Thousands of Miles to Surprise his Girlfriend. What Happened NEXT will MELT your HEART


Here are a few ways to look cute and melt a guy’s heart in 25 ways:

  1. Blush

You must try to blush when you see him. Act coy and a little shy and wait for him to be enamoured by your charm. [ Read: 8 Perfect Ways to Mend a Broken Heart ]

  1. Smooth talk

When you go out to talk to him, speak softly and in hushed tones. Your voice should be soft but it must be loud enough for him to hear you.

  1. Clothes

Wear clothes that give an impression of you being cute. Nicely printed floral dresses would be effective. [ Read: How do I get Over a Broken Heart?]

  1. Have fun

Loosen up your hair and have fun when you go out with him. You should not come across as a dull person but do not indulge in anything which is too adventurous or risky.

  1. Smile

Whether you are talking or sitting silently, you must always have a smile on your lips. A warm and affable smile gives an impression of you being a positive person. [ Read: 15 Cute Relationship Quotes and Sayings ]

  1. Clumsy

Being a little clumsy and awkward is okay when you are trying to portray yourself as cute.

  1. Being shy

You must not be painfully shy to the extent he would want to move away from you. Just exhibit a bit of shyness.[ Read: Flirting Guide for the Shy Guy ]

  1. The gaze

Your eyes should be a little lower towards the ground and look a little down when you are talking to him.

  1. Move your lips

Move your lips and bite them subtly when you are looking at him. [ Read: 15 Cute Life Quotes and Sayings ]

  1. Play with your hands

Keep playing with your hands or intertwine your fingers. It would make you look all the more cute.

  1. Fiddle with your hair

Run your fingers through your hair and play with your locks unmindful. You could do this while looking at him or when you are talking to him. [ Read: Dating Moves That Seem Awkward But are Pretty Cute ]

  1. Experiment with colours

Do not wear dull or light coloured clothes. Experiment with them and go a little bright which would help you acquire a vibrant personality.

  1. Nod your head

Nod your head but not aggressively. A subtle nod makes one look cute. Do not nod without a purpose or else it would make you silly. [ Read: 50 Really Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend ]

  1. Do not interrupt him

Do not stop him from speaking or interrupt him while he is saying something.

  1. Look into his eyes

You must make eye contact with him. Look into his eyes but for not more than a few seconds. [ Read: 30 Sweet and Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend ]

  1. Smell good

Wear a nice perfume. Apart from your looks, it is your smell that will draw him towards you. The fragrance should be subtle and sweet.

  1. Subtle make-up

Make-up is a good thing but only when it is applied in the right measure. Do not go overboard with your make-up. Keep it simple and subtle. [ Read: 14 Sweet and Cute Ways to Make Your Woman Happy ]

  1. Posture

Be very careful regarding the way you stand or take a seat. There should be poise and grace in your body movements.

  1. Show your intelligence

Being shy and cute does not refer to acting dumb. You have to show that even though you are a bit shy you are an intelligent person. [ Read: 50 Really Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend ]

  1. Act relaxed

You might have a hundred things running through your mind but when you are around him, you need to act relax and calm.

  1. Table manners

When you are out for dinner with him, you must ensure to have your table manners in place. You must not forget at the sight and smell of your favourite delicacy. [ Read: 14 Sweet and Cute Ways to Make Your Woman Happy ]

  1. Hold a flower

It might sound a little silly but holding a flower in your hand does add to your charm. If you are not cool with the idea, you could wear one in your hair.

  1. Wear accessories

Apart from clothes, the accessories that you wear add to your cuteness appeal. Carry a purse with some vibrant designs or carry a mobile case with the image of your favourite cartoon engraved on it. [ Read: Cute and Romantic Reasons Why Men Love To Date Shy Women]

  1. Sense of humour

The ones who have a good sense of humour are happy people. It also helps you gain the attention of the people around you. But remember, when you are trying to be cute you should keep it subtle and should refrain from loud or inappropriate jokes.

  1. Be a little mischievous

Even though you are acting coy, being too goody-goody could make things a little dull. Bring your mischievous side to the fore but do not do anything wild or obnoxious. Do something that he would find adorable. [ Read: 11 Cute and Sexy Things Guys Do That Girls Love ]

Do not pretend to be cute if you have an out and out wild personality. Do not try to pretend as your mask will come off sooner or later. Look for another guy who would accept you the way you are. If you are already a shy and somewhat reserved person, then you could use these tips to add the cuteness factor to yourself.