How to Look Beautiful and Oh-So-Hot in 15 Easy Steps

How to Look Beautiful and Oh-So-Hot in 15 Easy Steps

Having a beautiful soul is of far greater importance than being physically attractive. Well, how to look beautiful then? coming across as beautiful does help you make a good impression. Looks are not enough to make a long lasting impression but they help in registering a good first impression. If you want to impress someone, it is important that you groom yourself well and look presentable when they are around. If you make an appearance in shabby clothes and unkempt hair, they will not take any notice of you. In fact, it could displease them to such an extent that they might not want to meet you again. [ Read: How to Look Cute and Melt a Guy’s Heart in 25 Ways ]

How to Look Beautiful and Oh-So-Hot in 15 Easy Steps

Even if you have been taking care of your physical appearance and devote some time in getting ready before you venture out of your home, you must be even more conscious about your looks and must be dressed to kill. You should doll up to look beautiful and dashing so that when you go out, he should be able to notice you in a crowd filled with hundreds of people. Your appearance and your striking looks should help you leave a mark wherever you go.

Here are a few ways to look beautiful and oh-so-hot in 15 easy steps:

  1. Smile

A smile always makes a person look beautiful. It adds to their charm and lends a sense of positivity to their being. Wearing a warm and beautiful smile will always make you come across as a happy and spirited person. People like to be around people who are always smiling and have a sense of happiness enveloping them. [ Read: 18 Ways To Look Attractive And Make Him Give A Second Look!


  1. Move your eyes

Your eyes are the most expressive part of your face. If you know how to use them effectively, you can make a huge impression. Your eyes should shine with a twinkle and should radiant a certain glow. Even when you are not saying something verbally, your eyes should be able to convey what you want to say.

  1. Body language

You should not be clumsy and walk around carelessly. You need to carry yourself with poise and must have a confident gait. The way you move your hands and the ease with which you walk are important factors which need to be kept in mind when you are socializing. [ Read: Find out are Good Looking Girls Mean or Nice? ]

  1. Hair

Your hairstyle is very important as it can make or break your look. Even if you have applied make-up and done everything to ensure that you look good, if you do not take care of your hair it would amount to nothing at all.

  1. Be friendly

After you have made an impression with your looks, it is important for you to sustain it. Once you start talking to him, he will forget your looks and notice your behavior. You should talk to him gently and come across as a warm and friendly person. You should be humble and there should be no air of arrogance in you. [ Read: 10 Big Signs of Emotional Abuse You May Be Overlooking ]

  1. Expressions

Nobody will show any interest in you if you are a dull person. You must be expressive and emote well. When you are around people, they expect you to be expressive and communicative. If you do not have any expressions on your face, people will consider you to be rude and arrogant.

  1. A charming face

You might not be a conventionally good looking person but you should not let that bring down your confidence. You must take care of your face and protect itself from things like sunburn, pimples etc. You should have a healthy face that glows all the time. For this, you need to be disciplined and look after your skin on a regular basis. [ Read: 13 Ways to Make Yourself Charmingly Approachable to Guys ]

  1. Clothes

Clothes are an integral part of our personality and in a way, are a reflection of what we stand for. Your clothes should project the kind of person you are. You must wear clothes that would make an impression but do not wear something that you are not comfortable in.

  1. Stay happy

Science says that being stressed and getting worried about things adds years to your face. You start looking older and you skin does not remain as healthy as before. To keep your skin healthy and face glowing, you must stay happy and look at the brighter side of life. [ Read: 12 Prince Charming Traits That Make Girls Swoon! ]

  1. Wear bright colors

Whatever clothes you wear, make sure it has a dash of brightness to it. You should wear something blingy but you should not carry something dull either. The bright colors on your clothes should be an extension to your personality.

  1. Sleep well

Lack of proper sleep could result in various side effects like dark shadows which would have an adverse effect on your face. No matter how busy you are, you must steal some time out of your busy schedule and make time to sleep sufficiently and take enough rest. [ Read: Reasons Why Guys Start to Ignore You after Sleeping with You ]

  1. Work out

If you are someone who is slightly on the heavier side, you need to hit the gym and lose that extra weight. Even if you do not have those extra inches, you must work out and exercise properly to maintain a healthy and svelte physique.

  1. Smell good

Apart from your looks, what helps in making a good first impression is the way you smell. You must wear a pleasant perfume and smell good. The fragrance should come across as irresistible to him and should make him notice you. [ Read: How to Get a Guy’s Attention in Any Circumstance ]

  1. Strike a conversation

You need to cultivate the talent of striking a fun and interesting conversation. Most of the people muster enough courage to start a conversation but fail to follow it up and it gradually loses steam. You must try to prolong the conversation for as long as you can.

  1. Be confident

The pain that you have taken to look beautiful by grooming yourself and presenting yourself properly will not bear any fruit if you do not have confidence. It is important to have a personality that reflects confidence. [ Read: Different Romantic Gestures from the Olden Days that Girls Miss ]

A lot of people opt for short cuts when it comes to relationships but that is not the right way to go about it. The 15 steps mentioned here are extremely easy to follow but you must be disciplined and condition your mind to go through them properly.