How to Handle Your Man’s Ogling Eyes

How to Handle Your Man’s Ogling Eyes

Wondering how to handle your man’s ogling eyes? You are in a relationship with a man whose eyes wander around as they spot a pretty woman. You are having a conversation with him and he is looking at you but as soon as a beautiful woman passes across him, his focus shifts elsewhere. When you see him doing this, you feel a tingle of pain in your heart. Getting attracted towards the opposite sex is no big deal. It is very natural that you feel like looking at the person who attracted you. But, if you are in a relationship then you should let go of whatever spark that sporadic attraction ignited in your heart and refrain yourself  from taking any step that could ruin your relationship or hurt your partner. You should not let this momentary attraction affect your permanent relationship. If you are dating someone who keeps staring at other women, first wait for sometime before taking any step. Observe him for a while and check whether he stops after indulging in it for a few seconds. If he does not show any sign of mending his ways, then you must treat this as a serious issue. He might be faithful to you now but his wandering eyes could lead him to some place where it would be impossible for him to come back from. If you do not want to lose him, you have to make him give up on this horrible habit. [ Read: Every Woman Deserves To Have A Man Who Is……]

How to Handle Your Man’s Ogling Eyes

Is he ogling at women or dis you misread it?

Before you accuse him of ogling at women, you must find out whether he is really doing it. You must be completely sure about it before you confront him to explain himself. You would have seen him looking at women but is he leching at them? There is a thin line between the two and you must try to figure this out. Maybe you would have misread these random activities for something else. He might be looking around aimlessly without any intent. Maybe this is just a figment, maybe not. Whatever the case, you must find out if you are accusing him correctly. You should not reprimand him unless you are sure about this. Sometimes, we get attracted by a good looking person and it’s quite natural to look at them for a second. This gaze is more of an appreciation – appreciation of their personality or looks. There is nothing wrong about it unless there is some negative connotation in it. Staring at someone for a very long time is just not okay. If the person catches you staring at them, you would be in some big trouble. This activity could ruin your reputation for ever. [ Read: Real Love Is Not Based On Romance ]

When does he do it?

Observe him carefully and figure out how many times in a day does he indulge in this? If he does this often, then you must try to accompany him wherever he goes out. You cannot be with him all the time but try to be at his side for as long as you can. Even when you are not around, keep calling him to check about his whereabouts. It could annoy him but you cannot afford to leave him alone in such a time when you cannot trust him at all. You must discuss this issue with his friends and seek their help. Talk about this to only the friends who you know will understand your situation and help you. There could be some friends who will take his side not realizing that he has committed a mistake. They might find it hard to believe that their friend could do something like this. You have to talk to them sensitively about this. You must not talk about him in a derogatory manner. They are his friends after all. They could support you but you should not talk harshly about a person whom they have spent a lot of time with.  It would upset them even as they know that the person they love so much is on the wrong side. Tell them why this issue concerns you so much. They will help you by offering advice and will keep an eye on them. [ Read: These HEART Touching Things will Make Every Woman HAPPY ]

What should you do?

You must confront him about this issue and tell him that you are very disappointed by his behavior. If he really loves you, he would not do it again. If he does this again you should dump him and move on. A man who does not feel a bit of guilt for hurting you does not care for you. You should not be with such a man. But, you should not be hasty either. You should try your best to make him realize his mistake. Do not shout or scream at him even if you are terribly upset with him. Be calm and try to sort out everything. Make him understand that ogling at women is not an ethical thing to do and you end up hurting and troubling a lot of people by your actions.