How to Get Your Man To Open Up

How to Get Your Man To Open Up

Things get dull in a relationship when your partner becomes very reserved or does not express himself properly.  You are the one talking all the time and he remains silent. You love him but would like him to open up and be a little expressive. The relationship loses steam when either of the two individuals is reserved. You love him a lot and do not regret dating him. You would not like to change anything about him except for the fact that he remains silent all the time. Even when he talks, he uses words carefully and does not really speak his heart out. You do not like him holding back his thoughts and want him to open up to you.

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How to Get Your Man To Open Up

Here are a few ways to get your man to open up:

  1. Do not get stressed

The fact that he is very reserved and does not talk much worries you. But, you should not get stressed and aggressive with him. If you reprimand him for not talking to you, it will make him move further away. If you want him to open up to you, you have to always maintain your composure. You could ask him to talk to you but you should say it in the most polite way possible. Even if you are upset with him, do not let it show on your face. Talk to him gently and calmly.

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  1. Give a thought to your own actions.

Before pointing fingers at him, figure out whether you are talking to him or not. You had been so busy for the last couple of days that perhaps, you did not realize that you had very little conversation with him. You were busy with your work and did not get enough time to talk to him. Maybe this would have affected him and he is a little upset with you at the moment. If you have realized your mistake, you must reach out to him and sort out things.

  1. Be there for him

There is no specific time when a person needs to express himself. When he feels like expressing himself, you should be there to listen to him. Even if you are away and he calls you up, you should go to meet him. Maybe he needs to discuss something important. If you are always willing to lend an ear to what he has to you, he will start opening up to you.

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  1. Compliment him

You do not have to wait for a very special occasion to compliment him. You can praise and admire him whenever you feel like. No achievement is small or big. If he has done something that deserves praise, you must go ahead and wish him. He will appreciate the fact that you paid him a compliment. This gesture will invariably make him happy and joyful.

  1. Be attentive

Has there ever been an instance when he was discussing something with you and you were not paying attention? If yes, that could be a reason behind him getting reserved and not opening up to you. He will be irked if you do not listen to him when he is speaking to you. You must always be attentive to what he says and should not engage yourself in any other activity. He must have your undivided attention when he is talking to you.

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  1. Let him think

If your guy thinks a lot, you must give him some time to gather his thoughts before he speaks. Do not expect him to speak a hundred words in a minute. Let him think for a while before he comes up with a reply. It is better to speak two sentences that make sense than mouthing a thousand words that do not come together to form a coherent meaning. You must not get at him if he takes long to think. Let him talk at his own pace.

  1. Talk about the things of his interests.

Talk about the things or topics that interest him. If he is interested in movies, then try to talk about movies extensively in your conversations. For that, you have to get to know him carefully and figure out what the things he likes and loves talking about are. Once you figure this out, you could have dozens of topics to choose from. Talking about things of his interest can also make the conversation a little boring. Since everything in extreme is bad, try to talk about stuff that you both are interested in.

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  1. Do not force your opinion

All of us are entitled to our individual opinions but we should never force them on others. Your views on a particular subject could differ from those of your partner. That does not mean you will start fighting with him. Both of you could have a healthy discussion about it and must not get upset if your partner prefers sticking to his opinion. You must hold on to your opinion and respect other’s opinion too. If you start forcing your views on him, he will get irritated by you and would, eventually, stop talking to you.

One-way communication is worse than two people not talking to each other. We want a partner who would talk to us and respond to us.  You must not mistake his silence to be aloofness. Use these simple steps to make him open up to you.