How to Get Your Lover’s Friends to Like You

How to Get Your Lover’s Friends to Like YouHow to Get Your Lover’s Friends to Like You

After you start dating someone, you have to make an effort to be in the good books of people close to them. You have to interact with their friends, family and relatives as they, become a part of your life in a way. A lot of times, spending times with your partner means spending tie with their friends and family members. Even if your partner loves you and is completely sure about the relationship, you have to seek the approval of his/her friends. Friends influence us hugely and a rejection from your partner’s friends is not a good thing at all. You would feel awkward when your partner insists on hanging out with his/her friends. The worst part is that it could create strain in your relationship and cause trouble in your paradise. To prevent this from happening, you must be on good terms with your lover’s friends and share a good bond with them. You should try to know them properly. The thing is that if you force yourself to like them they would not badmouth you to your lover, it would show. Do not put up a facade or try to flatter them. You must be honest with them and create a friendly relation which would grow over time.

Here are a few ways to get your lover’s friends to like you:

  1. Talk to them

You must put aside your ego and talk to them even if they had not made an effort to initiate a conversation. If both the parties wait for the other person to start the conversation, there would be no conversation at all. Try to start the conversation by formally introducing you to them. Act normal and let the conversation flow smoothly. If you are finding it difficult to start a conversation, ask your partner to help you out and introduce his friends to you and vice versa. If you find some of his friends to be reserved, give them some time to open up. Most of the times, the conversations do not take place because neither of the two parties tries to talk to each other. Do not get upset if they do not initiate the conversation. Somebody has to start it, right? Your partner will love the fact that you started the conversation. Read :

  1. Take your partner’s help

When you meet your partner’s friends for the first time, your partner will be around you. They will help you in talking to their friends. After he introduces you to them, you will naturally start talking to them. If you are having some difficulty in communicating with them, ask your partner to help you out. Your partner will have no issues in bridging the communication gap between you and his friends. Even if there is some other issue, just talk to him about it. If he trusts you he will help in sorting out the issue between you and his friends. Yes, his friends have been a part of his life before you came in to the picture but now, you hold a significant position in his life. He has to respect this fact and if you have an issue with any of his friends, he must hear you out.

  1. Adapt yourself

His friends and you might have a difference of opinion but you must resolve it at the earliest. You do not have to agree to each other’s opinions and should not expect one another to have similar views. That is perfectly al right. Having said that, there are times when you have to settle for a compromise without losing your dignity. If you think it is very important for you to be on good terms with your partner’s friends then sometimes you have to agree to what they say. You have to be slightly flexible and adapt yourself to their lifestyle. For instance, if they invite you out for clubbing and you are tired, you could probably go with them and spend some time at that place. Your partner will be there too. So, you would not feel lonely. Read : 8 Real Ways to Get Rid of That Sense of Entitlement

  1. Go out with them

Call them up and make plans for an outing even if your partner is not around. You must try to make them realize that you guys could be friends without depending on your partner’s presence. Your partner helped you meet but he/she is not the only link that binds you together. They will appreciate your gesture and would readily go out with you. After you do this once, they will also start inviting you and meet you more frequently. Do not depend on your partner to establish a connection with their friends. After he/she is done introducing you to them, you must take charge of things yourself and strengthen your relationship with them. These gestures will make them trust you more and help you in getting closer to them.

Being friends with your lover’s friends should not be a compulsion for you. If you like his friends, you must make an effort to get close to them. You will be able to make new friends and they would add to the fun when you go out with your partner. If you manage to establish strong connections with them, they will help you when you have a tiff with your partner. Treat your partner’s friends the way you treat your friends. The more the merrier- the more friends you make the happier you will be.