How to Get Your Crush to Notice You and Like You Back

How to Get Your Crush to Notice You and Like You Back

We go through that phase in life when we have a crush on someone. Most of us go through this emotion many times and do not mind getting our heart broken again and again. When you have a crush on someone, you observe the person and sometimes, follow them but after a while you want them to know about your feelings. You look for ways and methods to draw their attention towards you. To do this you have to bring yourself to their notice. If they do not even know your name, liking you or getting interested in you is a far off dream. You cannot expect them to like you at one go. It is a long process that starts with them noticing you. You have to pass that stage first. After you become successful in drawing their attention towards you, you should chalk out a plan making them all for you. [ Read: How to Get Over a Girl Who Doesn’t Like You Back ]

How to Get Your Crush to Notice You and Like You Back-likelovequotes

Here are a few ways to get your crush to notice you and like you back:

  1. Wait

Even if you have made up your mind to confess your feelings to them, you should wait for the right moment to come out with it. You must be patient and wait till you have got a good plan worked out. Think carefully as to how do you plan to go about it and wait for the perfect opportunity to execute your plan. You should take the plunge only when you have a good plan and time in place. [ Read: Do You Love Him, But You Are Not Sure If He Really Loves You Back?


  1. Talk to them

While you wait for the right opportunity to propose, you can go ahead and talk to them. Introduce yourself if you have not been formally introduced earlier. Try to have a very normal and random conversation and keep dropping some information about you in between.  They should not get to know that you have come prepared with what you are saying. It should look like you bumped into them and started talking to them.

  1. Appear confident

People take you seriously only when you come across as a confident person. If you fumble while talking or your body language shows a weak posture, you should not expect to make an impact on them. Even if you are shy you have to carry a good personality and talk to them in a confident tone. Do not let them now that you feel nervous in their presence. Being confident will also instill a sense of respect in your crush. [ Read: Ways of Gaining Back Your Partner’s Trust after Lying to Them ]

  1. Build a rapport

After talking to them and getting to know them, you must build a good rapport between the two of you. There should be a consistent growth in your relationship. After being acquainted with each other you should gradually become friends and then finally you could think about taking things ahead. Your relationship should not become stagnant and you must keep on strengthening your bond.

  1. Show your talent

Every person is good at something or has some special talent that makes him different from others. You should show off your talent and impress your crush. Doing mundane things or acting as a regular guy would not take you very far. If you want to make a good impression instantly you must bring your talent to the fore and leave a mark on them by surprising them with your special skills. If you thing you are not to good with it, then sharpen your skills a little more and look for an opportunity to exhibit your talent in front of them. [ Read: Things Happen with Your Body Parts when Your Crush Walks IN ]

  1. Smell good

Even if you are talking to your crush, if she is standing beside you the first thing that will catch her attention is your smell. You must always wear a good perfume and never come across as smelly. If she finds your smell enchanting she will get attracted to you and will definitely steal a glance at you. Always carry a perfume with you so that whenever you think you see your crush you can use it for a quick fix.

  1. Look good

Looking good helps you in registering a good first impression. Be impeccably dressed when your crush is around. Look in to the mirror before you venture out of your house. Your crush should not catch you looking shabby. If you are going to some place where you expect to bump in to your crush, make sure that you are dressed appropriately. Looking good not just concerns the way you dress up. You must groom yourself well too. [ Read: Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your Crush ]

  1. Be a nice person

It may sound pompous but you have to establish the act you are nice and dependable person. Your crush should feel that you are a very good human being whom they can trust blindly. If you know your crush, it would be easier to accomplish this. But, even if you are not close to them and they do not know you, you have to figure out a way to make that impression on them. Proving to them that you are a nice person will take time and you have to find multiple opportunities to go about your plan.

Making your crush notice you is something you had always wanted but brushed off the thought aside as you thought that it was a far off dream. You cannot force your crush to like you but you could make an effort to make them notice you and fall for you.