How to Get to Know Someone on a Date

How to Get to Know Someone on a Date

How to Get to Know Someone on a Date

You have agreed to go out on a date with a person you do not know well enough. Discovering someone on the first date could be a lot of fun, but whether it turns out to be a difficult or an easy process depends on how easy going the person is. Your date should not be reserved and should be willing to portray his true self in front of you without putting on any guard. The same holds true for you. You should not be nervous about the experience and should not bar them from knowing something about you. The line of communication between the two of you should be very clear and transparent. [ Read: Distance Sometimes Lets You Know Who’s Worth Keeping


You do not have to bombard your date with numerous questions to know them. You should be a good observer and must have an eye for detail. You should look at him carefully and notice the various traits in him that he will bring up on a date. If you observe him carefully by the time the date comes to an end, you will realize that you know him very well.

Here are a few ways to get to know someone on a date:

  1. The way they talk

The way a person communicates says a lot about his nature. If he talks warmly and in a polite tone, he is a true gentleman. There are several things you could notice while he is talking to you.  Whether he is talking very fast or slow, does his tone change at regular intervals, is he energetic – you can discover several aspects about him by just observing the way he talks. You would also figure out whether he is saying certain things just to please you. [ Read: How to Get Someone to Like You Immediately ]

  1. The way they dress

A person’s appearance speaks volumes about his character. When you are out on a date, you are expected to dress up formally and in a way that would please your date. There is no excuse for wearing shabby clothes on a date or turning up in your torn jeans.  If you are dressed up well, it will not only please your date, but it will also make them realize that you are very serious about this outing. A first date is very important, especially with a person whom you do not know very well.

  1. How well organized the date is?

If your date has organized everything for the evening, then it should be easy for you to figure out how serious they are about the date. If they treat this date as an important event, they will make elaborate arrangements and will leave no stone upturned to make it a memorable event for you. They will go to extreme lengths and take a lot of pain to make sure that it turns out to be as perfect as possible. They will not hesitate to spend a lot of money and time to arrange everything properly. Their sole purpose would be to make you happy no matter what the costs are. [ Read: Sometimes You Have To Act Like You Don’t Care ]

  1. Are they being attentive?

Your date’s attention should be entirely on you. Not giving enough attention to your date is a sign of disrespect. Their eyes should be focused on you and they should talk to you smoothly without any long breaks. You should have their undecided attention and also be attentive to them. Don’t let it turn out to be a one-sided conversation. Both of you need to participate in the conversation and should focus on each other. There is no point in going out on a date if you are going to divert your attention elsewhere. If doing a particular activity is not interesting you both, then think of something else.

  1. What does he do for a living?

Our professional life is a big part of life and thus, it is imperative that you figure out where your date goes to work and what does he do for a living. Of course, you should not ask him about his salary. But, you could inquire about his nature of work. Both of you do not have to be in the same profession but if his profession is something that interests you, you could learn so much from him just by interacting with him. In fact, it would work better if both of you are in different professions. It would enable you to exchange ideas with each other and widen your knowledge about each other’s professions. [ Read: 8 Reasons Why Loving Someone Too Much Kills the Love ]

You go through a lot of emotions on your first date. You feel excited and nervous at the same time. While most people try to know their dates properly before they go out with them, getting to know your partner on the first date is a different experience altogether. Do not be apprehensive and tell your date everything about yourself. They will also talk about themselves and it would turn out to be a fun outing.