How to Get to Know a Guy You Want to Date

How to Get to Know a Guy You Want to Date

How to Get to Know a Guy You Want to Date

A cute guy who came across as a fine gentleman. He seems to have all the qualities that you wish to find in your Prince charming. You strongly feel that he is the guy for you and you cannot wait to go out with him. But, do you know him well enough? You have interacted very little with him but you seem to be sure of the fact that he is a super nice guy. Are you being objective or have you been swayed away by your emotions? Once you get attracted to a person, you would lose your objectivity about them and your sense of judgement flounders. Your emotions get the best of you and you cannot seem to think straight. [ Read: 16 First Date Tips for Guys to Charm Your Date


Now, you should not assume that you are being deceived by your senses. You should rather maintain a neutral stance and try to gather all the information about the guy before you start dating him. You must clear all your doubts and get over with all your reservations before you go out with him.

Here are a few ways to get to know a guy before you date him:

  1. Is he honest?

It’s not that difficult to figure out whether he is being honest to you or not. If he lies to you regularly, you will get several opportunities to see through his lies and know when he is bluffing. You would also catch him when he is hiding things from you. If you have a doubt on a statement made by him you can cross check yourself using various means. Do not overlook a lie uttered by him or an act of dishonesty committed by him. If he is not honest to you now, how can you expect him to be truthful to you in the future? [ Read: 12 Things You Should Look For In A Guy Before You Date Him ]

  1. How does he treats people around him?

He must be treating you like a princess. While you should appreciate the way he looks after you, you have to keep a keen eye on the way he treats the people around him. He might treat you well for the simple reason that he wants to have you in his life. How well-mannered a person  is could only be figured out by the way he treats the other people around him, especially strangers. When you go to a restaurant does he speak politely to the waiter? Does he respect his parents well enough? You must observe him sharply and notice the way he treats everyone around him.

  1. Is he short-tempered ?

Temperamental people do not have too many friends as their bad temper keeps people away from them. You should never date a temperamental person and should stay miles away from such people. Has he ever screamed at you or done something that has insulted you? You should never go out with someone whom you are scared of. Such people would want to control your life and would want you to act according to their wishes. We do get angry once in a while but the reason for losing one’s temper should be valid and under no circumstances he has the right to treat you badly or shout at you. [ Read: How to Look Cute and Melt a Guy’s Heart in 25 Ways ]

  1. His past

You should have complete information about his past relationship and should not hide away the details of your previous relationships. When you inquire him about any of his past relationships, he should be willing to talk about them without any hesitation. All of us have a past and we should not be ashamed of it unless we have done something terribly wrong. Even if he is guilty about a mistake committed in his past, he should let you know about it. You should begin your relationship on a clean slate with no skeletons of past casting a shadow on your glorious future.

  1. Trust issues

You should never date a man who has trust issues or does not have complete faith in you. If he keeps a tab on your day to day activities and keeps posing questions to you, then you must know that he does not trust you. Such men are insecure and can never be at peace no matter how well you treat them or how honest you are. They will always have trust issues with you and they would never miss a chance to ask uncomfortable questions to you. If there is something that bothers him, he can talk to you about it in a civilized manner but he should never raise his voice on you or do anything terrible because of his trust issues. [ Read: Reasons You Should Date an Older Man at Least Once ]

  1. His friends and company he keeps

A man is known by the company he keeps. Do you like his friends? Do you feel the people whom he is surrounded by are good? You must not dictate or question his choice of friends bit if he has a large set of friends who are far from being nice, you tend to wonder why he is friends with such people.  You feel very uncomfortable when you are in the company of his friends.

There are several ways to get to know him before you actually start dating him but you must do your research discreetly. It would not be nice if you discover something unflattering about your man after you start dating him. It is always better if you do little background check on the person you want to date before you get committed to him.