How to Get Rid of Your Boyfriend’s Wandering Eye!

How to Get Rid of Your Boyfriend’s Wandering Eye!

How to Get Rid of Your Boyfriend’s Wandering Eye!

You love your boyfriend. He loves you. Both of you are in a committed relationship. There is a lot of trust in your relationship and you are compatible with each other. Everything seems perfect. Except for a hitch. Your boyfriend has a roving set of eyes that wander around as they see a pretty face. He is not someone who would cheat on you. At least that is what you think at the moment. But, you never know. His wandering eyes are a major cause of concern for you. Even if he does not cheat on you, the fact that he eyes other women when you are around worries you. [ Read: Best Ways For Guys To Get Her Eyes On You


It hurts when you are sitting close to him and his focus is on other women. Apart from upsetting you, it also makes you feel uncomfortable. You start wondering whether he would cheat on you or ditch you for another girl in the future. Your worries are valid and you have to do something to get him kick out of this habit.

Here are a few ways to get rid of your boyfriend’s wandering eye

  1. Confront him

It might seem like an awkward thing to do but you have to confront your boyfriend and tell him that you notice him eyeing other women. You so not appreciate him doing this and it hurts you. You do not have to be aggressive and must be calm when you talk to him about this. It could make him uncomfortable as he would not be expecting this. But, you have got to do his. After all, what he does is wrong. He should be shown a mirror and you must make him realize his mistake. [ Read: 6 Ways to End Fights and Conflicts Quickly ]

  1. Look attractive

Even if you guys have been dating for a while and know each other very well, you must make an effort to look exceptionally beautiful every time you meet him. You must look your best so that his eyes do not wander around.  After knowing s person for a while, you do not feel the need to make extra efforts to dress up but if your boyfriend does not find you attractive any more then you must make him realize you are as beautiful as you used to be.

  1. Keep a watch

If you are having serious trust issues because of this habit of him, you could monitor his moves by being with him all the time. Of course, both of you have your professional lives and you cannot be with him all the time but try to accompany him as frequently as possible. If you think that he could do something terribly wrong when you are not around then keep a watch on him by spending as much time with him as you can. [ Read: 10 Relationship Deal Breakers To Watch Out For! ]

  1. Reprimand him

While it seems like a harsh thing to do, you have to resort to this as if you are left with no other option. You have tried talking to him peacefully about this. It did not work. Now what do you do? You have to be strict with him and tell him sharply that you will not put up with his thing. Threaten to walk out of the relationship if he does not mend his ways. Scream at him or shout your voice out, bring out your aggressive side and let him know that you are not going to take it in your stride. You must go about this process carefully but he should know that you are terribly upset with him and would not take things lying down. Make him realize his mistake and seek forgiveness for what he did.

  1. Spend time with him

The fact that you are not spending enough time with him could be the reason behind him losing interest in you. You could be leading a very busy life but you have to make time for him. Once you get in to a relationship, you have to keep nurturing it and make sure it sustains well forever. You need to put in your time and energies into making the relationship work. You need to give him some attention and time. [ Read: Read Why We Should Not Force Love And Give It Time ]

  1. Talk to his friends

If you are finding it difficult to talk to him about this, ask his friends to help. They could discuss this issue with him without mentioning your name. His friends would not have as much difficulty talking about it as you have. He would also not mind his friends talking to him about this. If you do not want his friends to talk to him, you could ask them to provide some sort of advice which would help you deal with this situation.

  1. Engage him

When you notice that his eyes are wandering around, engage him in some conversation or activity. You must divert his attention from the girl he is looking at. You should never look at a girl for some time. Snap him out and get him involved with something. Talk to him about something that would interest him more than looking at the girl. You must do everything you can divert his attention. When he is around you, the only person who should command his attention is you. [ Read: 5 Reasons Why Time with Her Girlfriends is Important to Women ]

Getting attracted to someone from the opposite sex is normal but one should realize the importance of being faithful to their partner and should refrain from getting swayed by an emotion that does not last for long.  A moment of weakness can cost you dearly. You must exercise control over the activities if your man and stop him from making any mistake.