How to Get Over a Girl Who Doesn’t Like You Back

 How to Get Over a Girl Who Doesn’t Like You Back

Love is a beautiful emotion that all of us go through at least once in our life. The moment we fall in love we start seeing the world with rose tinted glasses and dream of a future with our loved one. But wait! What if the girl whom you are in love does not harbor any kind of affection for you? You have feelings for her but what about her? It is easy to fall in love but sometimes it results in dejection which is difficult to handle. You might love a girl expecting her to love you back but things may or may not work in your favor. [ Read: How to Put an Affair to a Full STOP and #Get Over with it! ]

How to Get Over a Girl Who Doesn’t Like You Back

You can love someone but you cannot force them to love you back. What did you do if the girl, whom you are in love with, refuses to acknowledge your feelings? You could try to convince her for a while but if she does not accept your proposal, you have to give up and deal with the situation. You have to accept the fact that she does not love you and deal with the pain of unrequited love. Dealing with the pain does not help you, it will keep the pain simmering in your heart.  It will hurt for some time but you must learn to let go of it.

Here is how you can get over a girl who does not like you back:

  1. Not meant for each other

Even if both of you are extremely nice human beings, you are not meant to be with each other. There are certain qualities that every person looks for in their life partner. She must have something that attracted you towards her but just as you have certain preferences she must be having some ideas too. Maybe you do not fit into her description of the ideal man. That does not mean you are not a nice person or people do not like you. It just means that you do not have those qualities that she is looking for in her soul mate. [ Read: How do I #get Over a Broken Heart?


  1. Flirt with other girls

You must go out and start talking to girls. Flirt with them if you find them interesting. You do not necessarily have you get into a relationship with someone. Just a bit of healthy flirting would be enough to make you happy and forget the girl. It will also make you realize that girls do find you desirable and there are several interesting people around whom you can go out with. Things might not have worked with her but you could find someone soon.

  1. Get yourself engaged

You cannot drop all your work because you are upset. There is so much to do both on the personal and professional front. It would not be wise to avoid work because of this. You must keep yourself occupied with some work so that you don’t have the time to think about her. Once you get yourself engrossed in some activity you will stop thinking about her. It is important to be super busy when you are going through a rough patch in life. [ Read: 9 Firm Steps to Get #Over an Ex Girlfriend in No Time! ]

  1. Do not be disappointed

There is no point in being disappointed when you face rejection in love. Some things are not meant to happen and you have to accept this truth. When you love someone you should not have this idea in mind that the person will love you back. It is not wrong to have expectations but you should not be in any kind of illusion. Disappointments result from unrealistic expectations. If you keep your expectations in check, you will not be disappointed.

  1. Accept it

A lot of people, even when they know the truth, remain in denial. They refuse to accept the fact they have been rejected by the person whom they were in love with. Or, they hope that person would eventually say a yes to their proposal. If you have faced rejection, you must accept it gracefully and move on. Trying to achieve something which is beyond your reach is foolishness. Accept the truth as soon as you can and put this episode behind you. There is so much to do and achieve in life. If you mull over on one incident and try to dissect it, you would not be able to focus on other important things in life. [ Read: 10 Ways To Get Over A #Girl You Love ]

  1. Understand their viewpoint

The ways in which two people look at the world are different. In your head, both of you make a perfect couple but you cannot expect her to think the same, right? She does not think both of you make a good match. Two people get in to a relationship when both of them are sure about each other. Things do not move with the consent of just one of them.

Falling head over heels in love with someone and then realizing they do not like you back is a terrible thing to go through. It lowers your confidence and makes you question your worth. You must come out of this phase as soon as possible and look for love at other places. There are so many people around and a world of opportunities waiting to be explored by you. What you have gone through is one of the many bad phases in life that every human being goes through. There will be many such instances but you have to snap out of them and focus on the brighter things in life.