How to Get Over a Crush and Have Fun Doing it

How to Get Over a Crush and Have Fun Doing it

We all have had a crush on someone at various junctures in life. We have a soft corner for a special person whom we look at all the time, whom we want to be with but fail to muster the courage to speak to them.  Having a crush on someone is a crazy experience. Your heart flutters with joy on seeing them and then you also get sad as you realize going out on a date with is a distant dream. You know you cannot have them in your life but still you think about them all the time. [ Read: 10 Unmistakable Signs Your Friend is Crushing on You ]

How to Get Over a Crush and Have Fun Doing it

Just a look at them makes you feel happy. Having said that, it is just infatuation and not love. Getting over a crush is not as difficult as forgetting a person whom you deep, intense feelings for. You do not have to be very upset about it and you are surely not getting depressed thinking about it. Breaking up your heart when you have a crush on someone could actually turn out to be a fun experience.

Here are 7 ways to get over a crush and have fun doing it:

  1. Have a new crush

An effective way of getting over someone you have a crush on is to set your eyes on somebody else. There are so many people around whom you could find interesting. Attraction is pretty normal and if you do not stress over your old crush and open your eyes and look around, you will come across many people whom you can have a crush on. [ Read: Cute Ways To Say Goodnight To Your #Crush


  1. Do not go near them

If your crush is someone who lives near to your place, you need to avoid bumping in to them. If they live a little far, you have to stop running after them. Just stay away from them. You cannot get over them if you keep following them or make rounds of their home. Taking their image out of your head may take some time but at least you can stay away from them physically.

  1. Talk to them

Most of us are scared of talking to our crushes.  We want to speak to them but fail to gather the courage to do so. It is important that you talk to your crush. It will lead to two things. First, both of you will become friends. Second, you will realize that your crush is not as great as you used to think them to be. They could turn out to be petty ordinary and that could help you stop thinking about them because then you will have realized that they were not as amazing as you had envisioned them to be. [ Read: 10 Tips On How To Keep Your #CRUSH Interested ]

  1. Ask them out

If you know your crush is not interested in you, then asking them out on a date is a sure shot way of helping yourself getting over them. You know they would refuse and that is exactly what you need at the moment. Till now, you were fantasizing about them but now when you face complete rejection, all your dreams will be shattered and that would help you to come out of your illusion. It will be a lot of fun as you would have, otherwise, never thought about asking your crush out on a date. You were anyway not going to get them. So, at least you will be happy with the fact that you asked your date out.

  1. Writing about them

Start writing about your crush. You might spend days and nights writing but after a while you will get bored of the exercise. That will make you lose interest in them and you will be able to focus your energies elsewhere. Thinking about a person all the time takes away the charm of what you feel about them. You might enjoy it in the beginning but soon you will start getting irritated by it. Doing a thing repetitively and continuously takes away its novelty. [ Read: Signs to Get Rid Off Your Relationship! ]

  1. Thinking highly of them

You may have some information about your #crush but there are several other things you have made up yourself or you expect certain qualities to find in your crush which you are not sure whether they possess those traits in the first place. Stop imagining and if possible, try to check whether they deserve to be out on a pedestal.

  1. Tell your friends

Your friends might show some excitement when you talk to them about your #crush for the first time. A couple of times more, they could still be interested. But, when you start talking only about your crush, they will get bored with the topic and probably start complaining about the same. You will have to listen to them and stop talking about your crush. [ Read: How to get Yourself Together after a Breakup and Fall in Love Again! ]

Experiencing infatuation for the first time is always an exciting thing.  You will have several people and even though you end up breaking your heart in the process, you will realize that it is a lot of fun. Just do not take it very seriously and have fun while you have your first brush with love.