How to Get a Girl’s Attention Wherever You Are

How to Get a Girl’s Attention Wherever You Are

When you find a girl attractive or get drawn towards her, you look for ways to draw her attention towards you as well. You do not wish for it to be a one-sided thing, right? Guys tend to stereotype girls and their preferences and rely on a set of tools to woo them. While it is not wrong to assume that girls find certain qualities and traits in a guy to be irresistible, there are several other things which the guys fail to take into account. [ Read: Different Romantic Gestures from the Olden Days that Girls Miss ]

How to Get a Girl’s Attention Wherever You Are

While different girls have different choices, there are certain areas which you need to score in to woo a girl. No matter how different girls are, most of them expect their guy to have a specific set of qualities. You must develop these qualities and work on them. Once you make the first move and know her well, you could work further on your personality and do things that you know that particular individual will appreciate.

Here a few ways in which you can get a girl’s attention wherever you are:

  1. Talk well

You need to have good conversational skills to do well in life. These skills are gain more prominence when you are trying to draw a girl’s attention towards you. You must talk smoothly and politely. A good command over the language you converse in, correct grammar and the right pronunciation go a long way in helping you to win brownie points. [ Read: Reasons WHY Boys LIKE Many Girls Even if They are in a Relationship


  1. Chivalrous

You should be courteous and behave like a true gentleman. Chivalry is a quality that every girl looks for in a guy. You must come across as a well-mannered and well-spoken gentleman. Even if you have a brash side to you, you must control it and stop it from coming to the fore when you are speaking to her or are around her. Chivalry is a rare quality these days and you must inculcate it.

  1. Look into her eyes

It is important to let her know you are interested in her. Do not be too direct with it and just try to make eye contact with her. You must be careful while you are doing so.  You must have softness in your gaze and warmth on your face. Your gaze should not make her uncomfortable. Look into her eyes and smile. If she reciprocates with a smile, then she is interested in you. [ Read: Things Every Guy should Know about Girls ]

  1. Be confident

Confidence often turns out to be a deal breaker in various situations in life. If you want people to take you seriously, then you must come across as a confident person. Girls like guys who are sure of themselves. You cannot expect people to trust you if you are not confident about yourself. Approaching a girl could make you slightly jitter but you must get over your fear and believe in yourself.

  1. Sense of humor

A good sense of humor helps you make friends and widen your social circle. If you are an extremely serious person, people would not like to spend time with you or talk to you. A girl would never date a guy who keeps a straight face and talks about depressing things. You must come across as a happy person. Having a good sense of humor reflects that you are a positive person. [ Read: 10 Reasons Gorgeous Girls Fall For the Douchebags ]

  1. Dress appropriately

You might hang out with your friends wearing pajamas but when you want a girl to look at you, you need to spend some time in dressing yourself up. You need not wear tuxedos but you must look presentable enough for a girl to notice you. Your outfit makes an instant impression and even though they do not admit it, when people see you for the first time they judge you by the kind of clothes you are wearing.

  1. Groom yourself

Wearing good clothes is not enough. You must have a good personality to match your outfit. There is no point in wearing good clothes when you lack the personality to carry it off. You must keep yourself fit, comb your hair properly and do everything that would help you put forward a confident self. [ Read: Good vs. Bad – What Kind Of Guys Do Girls Like? ]

  1. Smile

It is important to wear a bright and confident smile when you are around a girl. Your smile should reflect the positive person you are. Your conversation should be accompanied by a warm smile. People feel more comfortable around you when you smile. Do not fake a smile. Smile comes from being happy within.

  1. Respect

It is important to treat a girl with respect. You must not have a superiority complex or come across as an arrogant person. If the girl feels you do not respect her or are doing something that suggests you do not care for her, she would not like to spend time with you. [ Read: Find out are Good Looking Girls Mean or Nice? ]

  1. Make a move

As unfair as it may seem, girls expect guys to make the first move. They want guys to approach them first. If you are interested in a girl, you must make the first move. You must make her realize that you are interested in her and wait for her reaction.

Getting a girl’s attention is not as difficult as you think it is. It could take some time but eventually if you make the right moves she will notice you. You have to, then, take things forward from there.