How to Get a Guy’s Attention in Any Circumstance

How to Get a Guy’s Attention in Any Circumstance

You meet different people in varied circumstances. If you meet a guy in a circumstance in which you are not ready to confront him, you should not get jittery about it. There are certain situations in which you might not be ready to talk to that special person but you must pull up your socks and establish a connect with him. When you come across an attractive guy, you wish to draw his attention towards you. Now, how do you make a guy notice you when you are not at your best self? If you like a guy you have to get his attention. You might not be in the most favorable circumstance but you should try your best to notice you. [ Read: Best Tips To Look Attractive And Draw Their Attention ]

How to Get a Guy’s Attention in Any Circumstance -likelovequotes

Here are a few ways in which you can get a guy’s attention in any circumstance:

1. Smile

A warm smile always makes an impression. Period. You should always wear an affable smile when you are talking to someone for the first time. It will make them feel comfortable and relaxed in your presence. They will also trust you more if you come across as a nice person. You do not need to wear makeup or good clothes to carry off your smile. Even if you are wearing shabby clothes, a smile can divert his attention towards you and the positivity that you radiate.

2. Eye contact

You must look at the guy, straight into his eye. Making eye contact with a stagger is very important if you are interested in him and want to talk to him. Look into his intently but for no more than a couple of seconds. Staring at him for a longer duration could make you come across as desperate. You should just look at him long enough to get him interested in you.

3. Smell good

Even though certain circumstances would not give you the opportunity to dress yourself properly, you have to smell good. For that, always carry a perfume bottle when you step out of the house. The smell of the perfume that you have sprayed may wither away. Carrying a bottle in a situation like this could prove to be very useful. [ Read: How to Tell if Your Flirtation-ship is Headed Nowhere


4. Have fun

Do not act serious when you are talking to him or are around him. Have fun and be jovial. A playful personality will definitely garner attention. When you start talking to him, you should make him realize that you are a fun person to be with. The conversation that you have with him is a good opportunity to set the ball rolling for further meetings.

5. Be kind

Put on your best behavior and come across as a warm and genuine human being. Your kindness and warm will help him connect with you faster. He would not talk to you if you are rude or arrogant to him. If he likes you as a person, he would like to meet you again and will have fond memories of the meeting. [ Read: How to get Yourself Together after a Breakup and Fall in Love Again! ]

6. Stay in touch

After you get his attention, you must stay in touch with him. What is the point of making an impression if you are not going up to follow it up with further interactions? You must exchange numbers with him and call him sometime after your first meeting. Even though you have made a good impression, people do not remember someone they have met just once for long. You must make an effort not to lose touch with him.

7. Get information

You must try to dig out some information about him which you can use to your advantage. Try to collect such information discreetly so that he does not get a whiff of it. He should not know that you are tracing information about him. If you get to know his birthday, then you can wish him on the same. Similarly, there is so much data which if you have at your disposal, you can use it to impress him. Other details such as address, profession and friends could be very useful. [ Read: Things Men Do that Force Women to Cheat on Them ]

8. Relationship status

You are single and you need to let him know the same. Even if a guy is interested in you, he would not approach you if he feels that you are already taken. You must not send any wrong signal and should find a way to let him know that you are available. You should not tell this to him directly but find a way to communicate your message indirectly.

9. Being inaccessible

It is imperative for women to act difficult and play hard-to-get with men. If you come across as someone who will say a yes readily, the guy would not take you seriously. The more difficult you act, the more fascinating you would come across as a person. There should be a sense of mystery in which you conduct yourself. If he tries to talk to you, reply in monosyllables and in brief. That will make him want to talk to you more. [ Read: Reasons WHY Throwing Tantrums at Your Partner is Not Cool ]

You should be ready and armed with your weapons of choice to get a guy’s attention as and when you like. You cannot plan a meeting or an encounter in advance. When you see him, you have to get him or rather, make him want to get you. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you must always come across as a desirable woman.