How To Get A Guy To Forget His Ex?

How To Get A Guy To Forget His Ex?

After you have break up with your partner, it is important that you forget them as soon as possible. Thinking about somebody who is no longer a part of your life will only stop you from moving ahead in life. That person might have been very dear to you at one point of time, but you should stop thinking about them once you are done with them. Girls are usually considered to be more sensitive than guys. That might be the truth, but guys are sensitive creatures as well. They get hurt when somebody breaks their heart and find it difficult to get over their love after they are no longer in a relationship with them. If you know a guy who is unable to forget his ex and remains sad thinking about her, then you feel terrible for him and hope that he comes out of this phase soon. You can actually help him forget his ex and get back to his normal self.

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How To Get A Guy To Forget His Ex

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  1. Get rid of memorabilia

He must have several things which remind him of the relationship that he had with the girl. You must urge him to get rid of all those things which remind him of her. The first step towards forgetting someone is to let go of all their belongings which you have with you. You must not keep anything that serves as even a faint reminder of that person or the time you spent with them. He must have preserved those things as memories but as the relationship turned sour, the memories became unhappy too. It is time that he bids goodbye to those things.

  1. Introduce him to your friends

He is going through a very dark phase in his life. At such a time, he needs friends who can cheer him up and make him happy. You should introduce him to your own set of friends and ask him to hang out with your group. You should do everything possible to make him come out of his shell. Interacting with different kind people and meeting new people is very important at this stage. He might want to stay alone and want his space but you should encourage him to socialise with people and interact with them as much a possible. Good company can help him get over his past relationship.

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  1. Focus on career

No matter how important your last relationship was to you, you cannot overlook your career because of it. Even if love is the most important thing in your life, the importance of your professional life cannot be undermined. It is imperative that you ask him to channelize his energies towards building his future and not to lose focus on his career. In times like this, when it is easy to lose focus on your professional goals, you must urge him to concentrate on his career and help him achieve all his goals.

  1. Keep looking

The failure of one relationship should not make him lose his faith in love. You must ask him to keep his faith in love intact.  He should not get disheartened by one heartbreak, and must continue with his pursuit for love. Maybe things were not mean to work out with that person. He might just come across a wonderful person in the near future who would make him believe in love again. Life is a long journey and he should not give up on love as yet. A relationship which you build up over a period of time must mean a lot to you. When it does not work out, you do feel bad about it, but you must not lose hope and must move forward in life.

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  1. Fix a date

The instant solution to this problem is to fix up a date for him. If he does not show any interest towards meeting people or going out with friends, you could try to make him go out on a date with someone. You have to be very careful while doing so, as he has already got his heart broken once. Make sure that it does not happen again. Find a girl who you know he will find interesting. Plan the date well, so that it turns out to be a memorable outing for him. If possible, do not let him know about it. If you do not manage to surprise him, just prepare him properly for the date as he might not be in the state of mind to go out on a date.

  1. Engaging him

Try to engage him with something that would keep his mind occupied.  It is important to keep his mind off any thought concerning his ex-girlfriend and past relationship. The best way to do this is by getting him engaged in work. You could ask him to help you out with a professional assignment or could seek a personal favor from him. Even if you do not have any real work, just make him do something that would keep him engrossed for some time. If he has nothing to do, he will keep thinking about his ex and it would be impossible for him to forget her.

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Getting a guy to forget his ex will take some time as matters of the heart are extremely sensitive, and should be dealt with in a mature way.  The thing is that as long as you do not let go of your past, it is impossible for you to move forward in life. You must make him accept the fact that things are over between him and his ex. He must embrace the truth and look forward to the future.