How to Find Love – The Law Of Attraction

How to Find Love – The Law Of Attraction

You want to fall in love and consider yourself to be ready for a relationship. But, who is listening? You are looking forward to experiencing what it feels like to be in love but there is nobody who could get you acquainted with this feeling. To experience love, you need to fall in love with somebody. You need to find love. How do I find love? – That is a question ringing in your mind all the time. You have thought of several ways to find that special person but are not able to figure out the process to find love.  If you are not patient enough, you could find someone to date for a while but your relationship would not survive for a long time. To find someone whom you can share a relationship with, you need to be patient while going about the process. [ Read: You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by…]

How to Find Love – The Law of Attraction

What do you seek?

Before you start looking for a partner, you need to figure out what kind of relationship you want to get into. Are you looking for a long term relationship or a short fling. what you are interested in? You have to be clear about your goals or objectives before you go ahead with your plan. When you finally find someone whom you want to date, you must let them know about your intentions and be honest to them. If you are looking for someone to go out on a  date with, it would not be very tough to find such a person. However, if you want to get into a serious relationship, it could take some time to find someone whom you can place your trust in and vice versa.  Finding true love is not easy but when you find it you will realize that it was worth the wait. [ Read: Find out are You in Love with Two People?


The right way

You must remember that there are no short cuts in finding true love. If you employ unscrupulous means to find love, be sure that it would not last for a long time. As stated earlier, there are several ways of finding true love and you can employ one or more of them as per your preference. However, there is a new revolution that has emerged in the modern world which has caught the attention of people seeking different things in life. This new evolution is known as the law of attraction. According to this law, if you focus your cerebral energies into thinking about one thing and start believing that you already have it or are going to have it soon, the universe will fulfill your wish and put it in your arms. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?  Well, the fact that the law of attraction works has been proved by many. But, to make it work and make your wishes come true, you need to be patient and follow it with a certain discipline. If you focus on your wish for a very short time and get frustrated that it was not fulfilled, then you have not followed or understood the law properly. The law of attraction is very simple but you need to understand it properly before you implement it. [ Read: 10 tips to stay smart when finding love online this New Year ]

How does the law of attraction work?

The law of attraction works but it take its own course to fulfill your wishes. You cannot expect your wishes to come true overnight. You have to condition your mind to stick to certain thoughts that you want to take place in real time. Now, doing this is not very difficult but it requires a very strong belief on your part in this law. Once you start making yourself believe in something, you must not let your mind deviate from it. You cannot afford to let doubt creep into your mind. Even if you see no possibility of your wish coming true, you must start believing that it will happen. As you stick to your belief, you will realize that your life is taking some interesting turns and you would be able to observe those changes. After a while, even without you realizing it, your wish would have come true. You cannot expect to find yourself in favorable circumstances but the key lies in holding on to your faith in such times and believing that this phase will pass. [ Read: A Day Without Your Love Is A Day Without Life ]

How can I apply it?

Start making a list of all the qualities that you wish to find in your dream partner. If possible, put the list in a place from where you can see it every day. It might sound a little crazy at first but this is a good step towards building up your faith. After you see the list every day, your mind will start forming images of your partner and you will get more ideas regarding when you want to meet him and how do you expect to bump in to him. More thoughts will follow and eventually, you will meet someone who would meet all your expectations. [ Read: 6 BEST Love Quotes for Him and Her ]

Being optimistic is the only way to find love when you are applying the law of attraction. You must be clear about the kind of partner you want and make yourself believe that you will find them very soon. Your heart should already feel the joy of finding them and being with them even as you are a few steps away from it actually happening. In the law of attraction, visualization and belief are the two things that will help you find love.