How To Fall Out Of Love When You See No Future

How To Fall Out Of Love When You See No Future

How To Fall Out Of Love When You See No Future

Most people, who are in a relationship, find themselves to be in a happy space. But, for some people I can turn out to be a nightmare. There are different reasons for a relationship not working out for someone. The fault may lie with your partner or it could be your mistake. Maybe both of you are not compatible and want different things in life. Whatever the reason may be, the one thing you are clear about is that it is not going to last for a long time. [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Husband ]

There is no point in stretching it

 What stops you?

If you do not see any future for your relationship, then what is stopping you from putting an end to it? Even if the relationship is not working, the fact remains that you have invested a lot in it. You have spent a lot of time with your partner and showered so much love on them. You trusted them blindly and did everything to make them happy. To put an end to a relationship which you have nurtured for so long is not easy. A breakup always results in pain and sorrow. Whether your partner calls it quits or you end things, you are bound to feel sad about the separation. Even if you saw it coming a while ago, you cannot help but shed a tear when it actually happens. The pain starts withering away with time but it takes a long time to get yourself out of that zone. It is very important to deal with the situation maturely and get a grip on yourself. To brush away the memories of a relationship which had become such an important part of your life is not an easy task. Also, a lot of people get unreasonably optimistic about things. It is okay to try and sort out thins but when you know very well that it is not going to last, then why do you want to waste your energy in trying to salvage the situation? If there is the slightest chance of things getting back on track, you could think of trying. But, if there is no hope at all then putting more efforts will only leave you hurt and disappointed. You need to accept this fact and break yourself free from the relationship.  [ Read: Woman Writes an Open Letter to Her Ex-Husband’s Future Wife ]

Here are a few ways in which you can fall out of love:

  1. Accepting the truth

The sooner you accept the truth that the relationship has no future, the easier it will be for you to move out of the relationship. A lot of people remain in denial mode and try to make themselves believe that everything is good. They know the truth but do not want to accept it. In life, no matter what the situation is, it is very important to accept the truth and find a way to deal with it. [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Boyfriend ]

  1. Looking after other important things

Sure, your relationship is important for you. But, there are so many other things in your life that need your time and attention. While you had pit all those things on the back burner to focused on your relationship, it is time you channelize your energies towards accomplishing other objectives in life.

  1. Do not let it control you

If you are in a bad relationship, then you need to be very careful about not letting it drive you in any direction. Sometimes, we get swayed by emotions and do things without analyzing them and thinking about them rationally. It is important to give equal importance to your mind and your heart while making any important decision. If the relationship is not doing an good to you, then giving it a lot of importance is only going to cause you a lot of harm. [ Read: An Open Letter To My Future Wife ]

  1. Be independent

It is very important to be self sufficient. You must be confident of your abilities and have faith in your conviction. There are times when we need people to look after us and want them to show affection towards us. But, you must be ready to face the world alone when nobody is around you. There will be many instances in which you will find yourself to be lonely and nobody around you. You should have the courage and belief to pull yourself through such a situation. You do not have to be dependent on your partner or a relationship to make you happy.

  1. Be honest

You should be honest not only with yourself hut with your partner as well. They have the right to know that you are not happy with the way the relationship is shaping up. You should tell them about the issues you have and why you cannot take thins further. You owe them an explanation. [ Read: A BIG Sign He’ll Commit To You In The Future ]

Sometimes, though you end the relationship, you find it difficult to let go of your feelings. It is important to get a grip on your emotions before you draw the curtains on your relationship. Once you succeed in letting go of your feelings, you would not have a lot of trouble getting out of the relationship.