How To Fall in Love like You’re in a Fairytale

How To Fall in Love like You’re in a Fairytale

How To Fall in Love like You’re in a Fairy-tale

Some people are afraid of falling in love as they believe it will bring them pain and anguish. Even if they contemplate about getting in a relationship, they want it to happen smoothly and without any trouble. Everybody wants a fairy-tale love story but life is tough. Things will not always go as you wish them to and you will be faced with a lot of dejection. However, there are a few things that you can do at your end to ensure that you fall in love the way you wanted to. [ Read: How Men Fall in Love – The Seven Stages of Love ]

Here are a few ways in which you can fall in love like you are in a fairy-tale:

  1. Get to know each other

Even if you are sure that s/he is the one, you want to get in a relationship with, do not rush in to it. Be patient and make some time to get to know each other well. A lifetimes is not enough to know a person. You must at least wait for some time to understand the person you are in love with then, propose to them. [ Read: Do You Believe In Love Or Have You Given Up On It? ]

  1. Remember the dates

Remembering important dates related to your relationship or your partner is very important as it shows that you care for them. Remembering the dates will also help you surprise them at the right time. Being aware of each other’s birthdays, anniversaries and other dates is the sign of a perfect relationship.

  1. Impress them

Whether you are a girl or a guy, you must do everything to make your partner happy. You should make them take notice of you. Impressing someone would require you playing your strengths and bringing them to the fore whenever they are around. You must show off your skills and talents which would mesmerize them and make them fall in love with you. [ Read: How Long Does it Take to Fall in Love? ]

  1. Surprise them

Everybody loves surprises. When you are in a relationship or are about to get in to one, you should always surprise your partner with gifts and special gestures. You must surprise them on important dates but you do not necessarily need a specific date or time to do so. Whenever you feel like showering them with a surprise, do it.

  1. Physical intimacy can wait

There is nothing wrong with getting intimate with your partner after a while. But, sometimes, getting physically intimate too soon may not go very well for your relationship. You should wait for a while before taking the plunge. There is so much to explore each other before getting down to it. Wait for the right time. When it has to happen, it will happen. [ Read: Find out are You in Love with Two People? ]

  1. Do the unexpected

After spending some time with you, your partner must have had some notion about you. They expect you to do certain things and behave in a particular way. You could surprise them by doing something which they do not expect you to do. Of course, it should be something that you know would make them happy. Do not do anything that you are not sure of.

  1. Groom yourself

You must make that extra effort to look good when you meet your partner. Be it a date or a normal hangout, you should groom yourself well before going out with them. This rule is applicable to both men and women. It is normally believe that men do not make as much effort to get dressed up as the ladies. A man should be as careful as a woman while dressing up as women take notice of their partner’s appearance as well. [ Read: Are You in Love with a Friend? ]

  1. Space out the meetings

While you must make some time to know your partner, you must not meet you often. Seeing your partner ten times a day kills the charm of the relationship. It takes away the excitement and soon, you will find the meetings to be boring and uninspiring. To keep things interesting, you must meet at specific intervals so that you feel the yearning to meet them before you finally get to do so.

  1. Keep in touch

In today’s times when people are running after securing a career for themselves, work takes up a lot of time. Apart from work, you could be tied with several other responsibilities. You used to meet your partner regularly but now you barely manage to make time for them. You are so busy that you have not talked to them for week and you do not even realize this. Even you just manage to make time for a five minute phone call; you must try your best to stay in touch with your partner. Do not let them forget you. [ Read: Falling In Love with a Married Man ]

   10. Commitment

Once you get in to the relationship, you must stay loyal and committed to your partner. Commitment is something that is not merely in words. You must be able to prove that you are committed to them by your actions. You must be devoted to your partner and should not give them any opportunity to point finger at your level of commitment towards them.

Life is not a fairy-tale. But, whether you want to turn your love in to one depends on you. Falling in love, itself seems like a magical experience. You need to be committed and focused about your relationship. There will be obstacles and difficulties but you should try your best to give it a fairy-tale spin.