How to Date A Girl By Making Her Laugh

How to Date a Girl by Making Her Laugh

How to Date a Girl by Making Her Laugh

You could be the perfect gentleman, a bad boy or a guy with a great personality. But, do you have a good sense of humour? Making a girl laugh is a very tough job and if you manage to accomplish it, consider half the battle won. All of us like to be around people who make us laugh. A girl is more likely to fall for you if she feels you have a very good sense of humour. Nobody will like you if you are always sulking or in a bad mood. When you are dating someone, that person expects you to be joyful and full of life. Why would she want to spend time with you if you do not make her happy? You need to learn to tickle her funny bone and make her smile when she is around you. The sense of happiness should come naturally to you. Making her laugh does not mean cracking silly jokes or saying irreverent things. If you do silly things to make her laugh, she would not appreciate it and get annoyed with you. Make her laugh using your sense of humour. [ Read: Love Make us Laugh, Love Make us Cry ]

Sense of humour

People believe that a good sense of humour is a rare gift which is bestowed upon a select few. That is not entirely true. Yes, some people are naturally funny and making people laugh is something that comes easily to them. But, the reason they are funny is because of the fact that they are happy people and look at life positively. Before trying to make somebody laugh, you must learn to smile yourself. Having a positive outlook towards life helps. It is good to be serious about things in life but you must have some fun sometimes too. If you are out on a date with your partner, you should not speak about work and other serious issues. Both of you must have a fun conversation and should talk about the good things in life. [ Read: How to Be Funny and Make People Love Your Company ]

Making her laugh

Guys who are very shy find it difficult to talk to girls. Making them laugh is still a faraway ambition for them. You need to be comfortable with a girl first. You must make her feel secure in your presence. Talk to her first and let her feel comfortable with you. Actually, sharing a good laugh can act as an ice-breaker and help you get closer to her. If you are not comfortable fooling around at first, wait for a while. Just keep the conversation flowing. Both of you will get comfortable with each other eventually.

What should I talk about?

Humour is derived from real life experiences and the situations around you. You could crack a joke or two but you should not bombard her with a series of gags. Subtlety is the key here. Do not go for loud humour unless you think that is what she would fall for. Sarcasm is a very effective way of charming women. It brings your witty side to the fore and makes them realise that you are a funny guy. Humour can be of various kinds. Right from dry, poker faced humour to naughty connotations – there are various ways of making her laughing. What kind of humour should you go for? Well, not everybody appreciated all kinds of humour. For instance, if you are dating someone who is very reserved and slightly conservative, she would not appreciate you cracking adult jokes or saying double meaning things. She would rather appreciate if you go for subtle, sarcastic remarks. The kind of humour you use to make your date laugh ad impress her is totally dependent on the kind of person she is. You need to spend some with her, know her well and figure out the kind of conversation she likes to have. Your intention might have been to make her laugh, but if something you say is not taken well by her, it could make things worse for you. [ Read: Dating Moves That Seem Awkward But are Pretty Cute ]

Friend or lover

Even friends make each other laugh, don’t they? Then what is the difference between you and her friend? If she likes you, she could want to be friends with you. Being her friend would not be a bad thing as you can take things ahead from there. But if she ‘friend zones’ you then it would be difficult to break out of that mould and date her. Once she gets comfortable with you, you could start flirting with her and let her know that you’re attracted to her and want to date her. Do not make any advances which would chafe her. Take one step at a time but do not let her friend zone you.

Humour is an essential part in a relationship. It helps in keeping things light and also works as an effective measure to throw stress out of the window. If you are trying to woo a girl, humour can work as a good tool. A hearty laugh signifies happiness and positivity. If you are able to make a girl laugh, then you are done with the first step towards wooing her.