How to Confess Your Love to a Girl and Not Get Rejected

How to Confess Your Love to a Girl and Not Get Rejected

Are You feeling too silly to go up to the girl you love to speak your heart out? Do you have the never ending fear of getting rejected? These are the kind of questions that occur in the mind when you plan on confessing your love to the girl you like.  It’s not easy to put your feelings in front of someone. You need a lot of courage to do the same. Most of the time, you don’t get to know that you are falling for this person. It happens before you notice it and that’s when the problems starts to take place. First, you unintentionally fall for her and then you don’t know how to reach out to her. [ Read: Romantic Proposal Ideas To Win Them Over ]

How to Confess Your Love to a Girl and Not Get Rejected -likelovequotes

Have you finally recognized your feelings. What now?  Are you going to sit back and let her go or are you going to man up and speak about those uncontrollable emotions?

You need to decide as quickly as possible and if, by any chance, you choose the second option, we would share with you some easy and effective steps to make her fall for you.

  1. Talk to her:

The easiest but most difficult thing to start off with is to speak to her. Have that conversation with her clearly. Before anything else you need to ease out in front of her and play smooth. A guy who can hold his conversations well and keep it limited and crisp, instantly becomes so much attractive. [ Read: How to Charm a Girl and Flatter Her Into Liking You


  1. Being funny:

Every girl, and when we say every girl we mean it with all our heart, adores that one guy who makes her laugh her lungs out. If you have managed to become that person for her, you are already on the right path. The humor not only lightens the mood of the situation but also kills the unnecessary awkwardness.

  1. Get to know her:

We know that you didn’t really go through her bio data before falling for her and we don’t expect you to know everything about her but now that you know she is the one you might want to start knowing about her. Concentrate on her likes and dislikes and other random things about her. When she notices you noticing the little things, trust me it’s all going to work in your favor. [ Read: How to Approach a Girl You Don’t Know and Impress Her ]

  1. Be confident:

Women like men who take charge. No girl likes a guy who in confused and unsure about things. Present your best self to her and try to convey from your body language that you are smart, confident and aware of what needs to be done. Sorted guys with a vision are always preferred over bad-ass messed up boys.

  1. Healthy flirting:

All women enjoy random compliments coming their way. If a girl says she doesn’t care about it she is lying to your face. Healthy flirting is not harmful at all; in fact, if done in a decent manner, it can help you earn some brownie points too. Don’t fake it. Compliment her about whatever comes from the heart. Genuine feelings take you a long way. [ Read: Common Problems Faced by Couples Who Live Together ]

  1. Stay in touch:

You need to remind her about your feelings. She is not in love with you yet. She needs to be told constantly that she is important to you. You will have to put in some extra effort to stay connected to her. Make fun plans and let her know what great company she is. Never lose touch because that is only going to create a wall between you two and diminish the chances of you getting together.

You don’t need to fear rejection. If it’s a ‘no’, it’s not the end of the world. You should be proud of yourself and that you stood up in front of that girl and poured out your true feelings. By failing to tell her what you feel, you are not only missing out on a chance but also making your own condition miserable. You don’t want to live a life of ifs and buts.  If it’s a no, it would surely hurt real bad but you would always be happy that you tried your luck with her, and this is going to give you a sense of relief every time you stumble upon the memories.