How to Compliment a Girl and Make Her Blush

How to Compliment a Girl and Make Her Blush

How to Compliment a Girl and Make Her Blush

A compliment is a form of an approval or appreciation that you get from someone.  Every girl likes compliments. They like it even more when their partners praise them or appreciate them for something. A lot of guys think complimenting girls on the way they look is sufficient. You must appreciate the efforts of your girlfriend to dress up nicely. However, that is not the only thing you should compliment her on. Do not reserve your compliments only for her appearance. There are so many other things she does that deserve accolades. Clap for her when she achieves something and praise her when she does something good. You do not need a special occasion to compliment her. People like to be praised for every worthwhile step they take in life and rightfully so. Do not wait for the so-called right moment or time to compliment her. [ Read: 15 Compliments for Guys They’ll Never Ever Forget! ]

Here is how you can compliment a girl and make her blush:

  1. Smile

A smile is a gesture that signifies approval. You must smile regularly as a sign of gratitude to her for being a part of your life. Every time you meet her there must be a smile playing on your lips. And, no it should not be a fake smile. If you really love her, the happiness will reflect on your face and you would start smiling naturally. A smile is a very simple but effective way of expressing your happiness at being in the company of a person you love. Even if you do it , you utter a word and compliment her verbally, your smile should reflect your approval and appreciation for her. [ Read: What’s does Teenage Love Actually Mean to Teenagers? ]

  1. Being chivalrous

You must always be courteous towards her and treat her with utmost respect. Be gentle and always keep your aggressive side away from her. You do not have to be over protective about her but she must feel a sense of security and familiarity when she is around you. There should be a certain dignity and confidence when you speak to her. You must be warm and assuage towards her. She expects you to be a true gentleman and you must become one for her.

  1. Play with words

You might appreciate her for everything she has done or achieved but you must express it effectively as well. Use words that would befit her achievement or personality. What you say must make her feel special and impart a sense of importance in her. As silly as it may seem, having a good and broad vocabulary will help you in expressing yourself better and using words that you want to but fail to come up with. [ Read: Before Encountering Her I Never Believed in the Idea of Experiencing a ‘True Love’ ]

  1. Do not go overboard

While you must shower her with compliments whenever you can, do not go overboard with praise as it would make her doubt the sincerity of your intentions. Go easy and let the words flow out of your mouth naturally. As stated earlier, you must not wait for a special reason or occasion to compliment her but you should not do it at an inappropriate time either. It would make no sense if you compliment her for no rhyme or reason. Also, when you compliment her do it in measured quantities. Even if you are complimenting her for a valid reason, do not stretch your words beyond a point.

  1. Compliment on her achievements

Every achievement, no matter how small or big it is, should be celebrated. A lot of people feel insecure when their partners’ outshines them. A sense of jealousy seeps into their mind and they fail to find happiness in their partners’ success. This is a very sad thing and it has an adverse effect on their relationship. You should always be ecstatic at your partner’s achievements and should encourage them to scale greater heights in life. If your girlfriend does not feel insecure when you achieve something, then why do you feel contempt at her success? In fact, you should be willing to make any sacrifice, anything to propel their growth further. [ Read: 10 Hot Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Being More Feminine ]

  1. Make her feel special

Put some thought when you are complimenting her. You must compliment her in such a way that it should make her feel special. That is the point of complimenting her, right? She has done something nice which you are complimenting her for. So, do not do it in a half-hearted manner. Think carefully before you pay her a compliment and say or do something which she would remember for a long time.

There are various ways in which you can compliment your girlfriend. You can just say a sentence and it could make her happier. But, you could think of a few innovative ideas to express your appreciation. Buy her a gift, take her out for shopping or go on a long drive. Just do something that you know would make her feel special. Even if you are a shy person, it is important that you show your love to your ladylove. Do not keep your feelings in your heart and learn to be expressive. It is important to appreciate the efforts of your partner when you are in a relationship. It keeps the relationship growing and makes that person realize that you care for her.