How To Cheer Up Your Partner

How to Cheer Up Your Partner

How To Cheer Up Your Partner

In life, no relationship is completely smooth. Every relationship has ups and downs. But a real relationship, real love and care is when you can actually cheer up your partner from all the rough patches. Not only your partner but you, too, will feel good by putting in effort into your relationship. Your efforts could take your relationship to a healthy phase, but only when they are guided in the right direction. [ Read: 8 Ways to Cheer Up an Upset Girlfriend ]

Therefore, here we provide you with some tips to help you cheer up your partner.

  1. Positive vibe:

This tip is the most important! Spread positive energy to your partner. Keep transferring to your partner the positive vibes within you by engaging in positive talks and by making positive gestures towards them. It is very important for you to make your partner believe that you are with them, standing by their side, supporting them in their good and bad times. [ Read: How Do I Handle an Upset Boyfriend? ]

  1. Texting or poking:

Surely your partners will ask you to leave them alone, and give them some time to spend on their own. But in reality, they are screaming inside for you to be with them. So keep texting them and poking them with encouraging and motivating texts about your relationship, about your life together. Keep making them realize that no matter what, you’ll always be with them, right by their side.

  1. Handwritten Note or handmade present:

Cheer up your partner by giving them handmade presents and handwritten letters and notes. Your partner will be very happy to see your hard work and effort. They will surely treasure a handmade gift which you made solely for them, and will feel good about it. [ Read: What Should I do if My Partner is Upset with Me? ]

  1. Flattery & Praise:

Flatter and praise your partner in the same way that you used to, when you were still trying to woo them. Bring those old, beautiful moments back once again, and let them cherish those feelings once more.

  1. Volunteer to help:

Help them out with their daily tasks. Drop them to their workplace, help them with some office work, or lend a hand in the kitchen. Don’t let them do all their routine work alone. Instead, add your support and some fun to their daily boring work. This change in their routine tasks will surely cheer them up and will also make them feel good about your presence and involvement. [ Read: How to be a Happy Couple That’s Envied by All ]

  1. Gifts:

Gift your partner something that they like to have with them at all times or that one thing which they’ve wanted for a long time. From their favourite chocolate to that one bag or watch that they liked a lot when you two last went to the mall. This will give them a well-deserved and enjoyable break.

  1. Plan surprises:

Make some exciting plans or think of some surprises for them, be it a night walk together, cooking their favorite food or calling up their close friends for a surprise gathering. This will lighten up their mood and will make them happy and cheerful. [ Read: She Wrote a Letter to Her Life Partner on his Birthday to Surprise him ]

  1. Hugs and kisses:

Go and hug and kiss your partner, to the extent of smothering them. Make them believe that you are always standing by them in their tough times.  Cheer them up with these cute and sweet gestures of yours.

  1. Be cute and silly:

Make those cute puppy faces and act silly. Divert them with your cute, romantic, stupid and silly faces and gestures. Put some fun and joy in the environment and surroundings which would give them positive vibes and energy. [ Read: 100 Reasons Why I LOVE My Boyfriend So Much ]


Always stand by your partners in their rough times and support them with all your positive energy and intentions. Your efforts can really work wonders for your relationship with them. Your life becomes even more beautiful when you are thoughtful and helpful towards your loved ones.