How to Break Up With Your Girlfriend Like a Man

How to Break Up With Your Girlfriend Like a Man

Yes breaking up with your girl could be very hard. That awkwardness is capable enough to haunt many of your nights. But eventually breaking up with her with all the dignity and respect is above than to carry on a fake relationship with her and cheat her. Girls could be deeply affected even by a small thing so it is very important to try your best to break up in the decent way possible. Yes, tears will be there but a real man can still minify the impact of a breakup on her. [ Read: How to BreakUp with Your Boyfriend ]

How to Break Up With Your Girlfriend Like a Man

Therefore, down we provide you with several tips which would help you to end your relationship in the nicest and decent way possible.

  1. Talk

Talk it out! Once you are clear with your intentions start talking it out. You need stop yourself or back-off by coming across the awkwardness. Rather, try and portray your notion as early as possible and then make it appear often in your conversations. Start making her aware of the issue and problems that you have in your relationship. [ Read: 11 Questions you Need to ask Yourself after a BreakUp ]

  1. Be Clear

As they say, “the bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lie”. Don’t go round and round with your talks. Don’t create mysteries and don’t build up mazes for her. Because her love and expectations from you won’t let her solve it out. So be clear with your intentions, sayings and doings. Also, remember that there is a difference in being clear and in being rude. You can opt for the tenderest ways possible.

  1. No surprise breakup

Break-up should not appear for the first and final time to her. Don’t act cowardly by just saying it for once and for all and then running away. Don’t throw unexpected surprise of a breakup on her. She’ll break badly with the scars of the shock. Talk and display your decision of parting ways several times before you finally break up with her. [ Read: 10 Bad Reasons To BreakUp With Someone ]

  1. End It in Person

Don’t be a coward or unbothered enough to end your relationship with a text, call or a voice note. This will her even more and would leave her with the ambiguous perceptions of you not meeting her in person.

  1. End it in private

Never hurt, insult or break up with her in public. The relationship was about you two and therefore, it should end in between you only instead of a public stage. Breaking up with her in the public could lead her with the forever embarrassment and scars. Remember it’s you who is choosing to breakup up with her. [ Read: 6 Ways To Help Your Friend Overcome A BreakUp]

  1. Be tactful

Breaking up and running away should not be your type! Stay there by her side, and listen to her explanation. Wait for her to express her feelings and emotions. Who knows that the things get sorted out and bring back to you two together once again.

  1. Uphold the friendship

Opt for the breakup etiquette and show your will to be friends with her still. Make her realize that if not as a lover, you are there with her as a friend. Yes, it’s hard for one but you may just leave this option open for her.  She might take some time to revert, but the possibility is there that the things might turn up right with a new friendship. [ Read: 7 Ways To Start Healing Your Relationship After an Affair ]


The break-up with your girl like a ‘real man’ and be as generous and as nicest as possible with all the care for her.