How to be The Perfect Lady who Attracts Her Man and Everybody else too!

How to be The Perfect Lady who Attracts Her Man and Everybody else too!

The title of a ‘lady’ is achieved when the woman has gained the epitome of womanhood. She is the one who grabs all the attention without speaking a word. She is one of those who is respected in spite of anything under the sun. She is the type of woman with whom every guy wants to be with and from whom every girl envies. A perfect lady knows how to handle a situation. She’s the most independent woman you’ll ever see, but when she’s with her man, she lets him take all the control.

How to be The Perfect Lady who Attracts Her Man and Everybody else too

A lady is somebody whom everybody loves and respects. She’s not always the one who has just stepped out of her parlor or the one who looks down on men. She goes along really well and is independent when the need arises. More to the story is that a lady is someone who will make her man proud about what status she builds in a society or even individually. [ Read: 10 Things Men Can Do To Make Themselves More Attractive


If you wish to grab all the eyeballs and be a perfect lady, then just follow these few steps to shine like nobody else. The journey from a woman to a lady is one of those tremendous ones and is worth the while.

  1. Give him the chance of being a real man!

He knows how independent you love to be and how good you feel about it. But, at times, giving the perfect stature to your man is also very fascinating. Men love it when their woman lets them control everything in the relationship. Just try to make them feel special in every way you can. They love the feeling of being the protectors in the relationship. Even if you are able to do an assigned task all by yourself, ask him for some assistance. He would love to help you with the wide grin on his face. He’ll want you and love you more in every way. This part is good for both of you. [ Read: 18 Ways To Look Attractive And Make Him Give A Second Look! ]

  1. Avoid being rude!

Nobody likes to hear foul words or a loud pitched voice. This is a big no in any relationship possible. Use of such language is fine only when the water goes over the bridge. But, mostly avoid using such a language. It will do good to you and for others around you. They will also get more reasons to respect you.

  1. Don’t publicize the problems in your relationship!

A lady would never like to create a scene in public. If she’s doing so, only a very problem would have crept in. Try to keep your relationship only between you and your man. If you involve a lot of people in your relationship, then there will be problems which are not good. Doing this might make the relationship more fragile. A lady will always stand for her man in public even if she yells at him in private. [ Read: Do Opposites Attract or Push Each Other Away? ]

  1. Showing gratitude is a must thing to do!

If you want to be a lady in a true sense, then, you should be known as the one who breathe manners. Learn to ask for anything with a ‘please’ and learn to show gratitude to everyone who does something for you. The people will feel great to talk to you if you possess these qualities.

  1. Know how to make everyone feel comfortable!

A lady is somebody who’s given a title of the social being. She’s a people’s person. If you want to become one, then you ought to learn how to speak politely and how to make people comfortable if they want your assistance. People love those women who know how to make them feel comfortable in seconds and the ones who are gracious as well as fun to be with. They know how to make people feel loved and important. [ Read: Do Guys Like Shy Girls And Find Them Attractive? ]

  1. She knows how the world works!

A lady is aware of everything what’s happening around her. She’s not just a pretty doll who just pleases people by dressing up and being pretty. Take out some time to be aware about your society by reading good books and newspapers. You are not meant to be dumb and the one who needs her guy to assist them with the daily news. An ideal lady should be the one who’s able to give in to the conversation and the one who’s ready to give any advice’s who is in a need of one.

  1. Be graceful!

Which kind of a woman actually attracts gentleman? The answer is quite simple. Be a lady who knows how to carry herself and how to gracious all the time. Don’t be one of those clumsy chicks who crashes on the sofa after having tons of bottles in public. [ Read: How to Be Funny and Make People Love Your Company ]

  1. Don’t be a loud mouth!

You don’t have to fill in words within people about yourself. If they find you worthy enough, they will appreciate you from every corner possible. Keep your decibel low while you are having a conversation with other people. This will make them hear what you have got to say.

Try applying these few rules and the next time you step in public, see the change how people treat you. It’s just the way a lady should be treated.