How to be Romantic without Being Cheesy

How to be Romantic without Being Cheesy

How to be Romantic without Being Cheesy

Sometimes, while expressing their love, people tend to go overboard and end up doing things that are out rightly cheesy. There is always a certain amount of excitement when you are in love. That excitement could result in making a fool out of yourself. Instead of making a good impression, you will give a poor account of yourself. Your partner could overlook a little bit of cheesiness but if you do not know where to pull the brakes, you are in for some serious trouble. It is okay to display a flair for flamboyancy in the initial stages of the relationship but with time, you need to go easy and express yourself in a subtle manner. You do not have to go for an elaborate and loud display of your affections. You can keep things simple. [ Read: 11 Romantic Ideas to Make Your Lover Go Gaga Over You! ]

Here are a few ways in which you can be romantic without being cheesy:

  1. Express yourself

You must express your feelings to your partner. Of course, that does not mean you will be going all flashy with your display of affection. Talk about your feelings in a sophisticated way that would touch the heart of your loved one. Let them know about your feelings. They should feel the depth of your love for them. Some people do not necessary to express their feelings but it extremely important to do so. [ Read: Cute Short Romantic Love Story Every Couple Must Read ]

  1. Go out on dates

Every couple goes on a date. You must plan the date carefully and make sure that your partner enjoys your company. Order some great food, bring along a good band of musicians and choose a location with a good view. The main purpose of going out on a date is to get to know your partner well by spending some quality with them.

  1. Respect them

You must never take your partner for granted. Also, you should never let them feel inferior to you. Every individual in this world deserves equal respect. You should appreciate what they do for you and be grateful for having a wonderful person as them as your partner. You do not have to do much to show them that you have a lot of respect for them. If you respect them, they will know. [ Read: 9 Extremely Romantic Love Sayings That You should Say To Your Love ]

  1. Help them grow

Support your partner in everything that they do or want to do. Help them spread their wings and fly high. The bond that you share with them should strengthen them and give them the strength to achieve great things in life. The more the support a person gets, the more he/she rises in life. Both of you have to be a support system for each other.

  1. Surprise them

You do not need a special date to surprise your partner. Just surprise them with a gift or a gesture whenever you feel like. Also, surprises are important when you feel your relationship is losing its excitement and things are becoming dull. A surprise always helps in perking up things and adding a bit of excitement to your love life. Plan a good surprise which will make your partner’s heart flutter with joy. [ Read: 7 Ideas for Romantic Love Texts Words for Your LOVE ]

  1. Hold hands

Holding hands is probably the most simple and romantic thing. Holding your hands is also a symbol of you being with them and an assurance that you would never let go of them. There is innocence in holding hands with your partner. Let your fingers intertwine with those of your partner and make them feel your love.

  1. Give them a hug

Holding hands is a very romantic thin but a hug is even more assuring. You are bound to be protective about your partner and there is no better way to express it than a hug. Give them a hug when they are upset or worried about something. A hug will make them feel lighter and they will know that they have someone beside them. [ Read: 13 Best Ways To Cuddles Your Boyfriend ]

  1. Be attentive

Give your partner the requisite attention. They should not feel that you are ignoring them or are not interested in them. Sometimes, unknowingly, our attention gets diverted somewhere else. Whenever you are with your partner, all your attention should be diverted towards them. There could be a several things demanding your attention but you must attend to your partner.

  1. Sing a song

You are not the best singer in the world and do not boast of a very good voice. But, your partner will notice the emotions and not well do you sing. Just practice for a while and sing your heart out in front of them. Your voice does not have to be pitch perfect but it should convey your feelings effectively. [ Read: 11 Not-So-Obvious Things Your Guy Loves About You ]

  1. Write letters

It may come across as old-fashioned to some but writing is a letter is a very effective way of expressing your feelings. Try doing it once. Your partner will definitely appreciate this gesture. The warmth of a letter cannot be replicated by an email or a text message. Your handwriting, the ink, everything goes a long way in touching your partner’s heart.

After the relationship has come of age and you have been in it for some time, you need to be mature when it comes to expressing your love. There is no room for frivolousness. By this time, you should have left that awkwardness behind you and become ready to deal with the relationship a bit more maturely while keeping the love and romance intact.