How to be More Playful When You are Out on a Date

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How to be More Playful When You are Out on a Date

Going out on a date can be a lot of fun but if you fail to get along with your partner, then it could turn out to be boring or the conversations could become serious. It is important to keep the mood light and breezy. Sometimes, people tend to get nervous on a date and cannot think of anything to lighten up the mood. If you are confident and cheerful enough and you realize your date is not, then you must try to make them comfortable and assure them that they are going to have a good time.  [ Read: 18 Things You should avoid Doing on Your First Date! ]

Here is how you can be more playful when you are out on a date:

  1. The place should be interesting

The place, which you have organized the date in, should be interesting and appeal to your partner. You could take them to an amusement park, a movie theatre or any place which you think would amuse them. The location should not be based on your choice and preference. The location should help in fostering the bond between the two of you and your date should be comfortable with the place.  [ Read: 50 First Date Questions to Have a Great Conversation ]

  1. Wear a smile

Smile is a symbol of confidence and positivity. If you keep smiling throughout your date, your date will start feeling cheerful too. Maintaining a serious expression could make them uncomfortable as they could feel you are not happy in their presence. Smile also makes you come across as a friendly and warm person.

  1. Crack a joke

A very effective method of lightening up their mood is to crack a joke. Do not go overboard with your humour and say something subtle. Wait for your date’s response. If they laugh at your joke join them. Having a good sense of humour is a huge plus and it should appeal to your date. [ Read: 11 Ways To Handle Too Many Questions On a Date ]

  1. Talk about romantic things

Bring out your romantic side to the fore and talk to your date about mushy stuff. Talk about your favorite romantic novel, film etc. Talk about your ideas on love and romance and ask them to share their views on the same. You are bound to feel a little romantic on a date and you should not shy away from expressing your romantic side.

  1. Hold their hand

Holding hands is one of the simplest yet romantic things you can do with your date. Even there is some awkward silence between the two of you and you are at s loss of words, holding their hands could work effectively and get you both start talking to each other. If you are already having a good time, then holding hands would only meliorate the impact. You must sense the comfort level exhibited by your partner and figure out whether they are ready for physical contact.  [ Read: 18 Signs that Your Date Actually Likes You on the First Date! ]

  1. Ask them about their life

Show them you are interested in them by asking them questions about their life. Ask them about their day to day activities or their hobbies. They will appreciate the fact that you are interested in knowing about their life. Do not ask questions for the sake of it. You must show genuine interest in their life. You could talk about you and your life first to make them comfortable.

  1. Flirt with them

A bit of healthy flirting is always welcome on a date. It helps in breaking the ice between you and your date. Tease your date a bit and try to bring a smile on their face. But, you must know where to draw the line. Do not say or do anything that would make them uncomfortable. You must remember the intention behind flirting is to lighten up their mood and help them open up.  [ Read: 14 Signs You’re Ruining Your First Date Unknowingly ]

  1. Compliment

You must pass some compliment to your date that would make them feel that they have turned up well on third at. You could compliment them on their appearance, their table manners, style of conversation or anything that caught your attention. Do not say something that is not true. They will not take it well if you compliment them on something which they know does not deserve appreciation.

  1. Plan a surprise

If you are well aware of your date’s likes and dislikes, then plan a surprise that you think would make them happy. Bringing up a surprise in the middle of a date, which seems to have run out of steam, is a very good way to spice up things. The surprise would change the sombre mood of the date into a warm and light one. You must be careful about not doing anything that would shock them instead of surprising them.  [ Read: 16 First Date Tips for Guys to Charm Your Date ]

  1. Dance

Dancing with your date can lighten up the mood immediately. Organize a band to play some good music which you both will be dancing to. Both of you do not need to be skilled dancers. Just hold your date’s hand and move swiftly along with the music. What’s important is that you should enjoy each other’s company.

It is important to make your date happy. The mood should be light and joyful. You come on a date expecting to have a good time. It is not a business meeting in which you have to put across your serious self. A date is supposed to be a fun outing and you should make sure that it turns out to be a memorable experience for your date.