How To Be Loyal In A Long Distance Relationship?


How To Be Loyal In A Long Distance Relationship?

Question Asked:
How to be loyal when you are in a long distance relationship?

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1) When you truly love someone it doesn’t matter if they are with you every day or not. It doesn’t matter if there in the same town or different suburb or state. Loyalty is easy when you actually love them and don’t want to live your life without them.

2)  If you love her, then it’s your duty as a boyfriend or husband to be honest, loyal and dignified. There is no use of fooling around and taking advantage of her being far. As for me I just fight for what I have with her and forget of the wannabes who are around me. The fact that I told her that I love her will keep me in knowledge that I have someone. One heart for one person. The rest is not love but lusts which will not last.

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3) Communicate even when it’s hard, always be open about your feelings. Include them in your life by letting them know what’s going on. Distance yourself from things or people that you feel will be a deterrence of your loyalty to your mate.

4) Always be true to yourself, always. Don’t hide anything from your better half. Communication (friends, commitment, trust,love)is very important (must be honest conversations ). Don’t break the trust of those who you loved the most. No cheating, no lies and no broken promises. Try to understand their feelings and always respect their opinions.

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5) I’m currently in a long distance relationship, never physically met yet I’m loyal motivated, positive and happy. This is strange yet its true due to the unfortunate cut I encountered from previous relationship, Love is just a word yet it cures all unjust wrongs ……and promotes prosperity in what we desire in perfection.

6) Trust, respect and honesty are the keys and if you are really in love with that person you will remain loyal to them though you’re far from each other.

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