How to Be Just Friends When He Wants More

How to Be Just Friends When He Wants More

How to Be Just Friends When He Wants More

Girls and guys can be good friends. But, it happens very rarely. To be really honest, girls can bond well without having extra interest in them. But guys can’t. Guys may hide their feelings for someone whom they find attractive, but deep down it’s always there. They just can’t get away with it. But you need to ask yourself first, that are you even interested to be just friends? If a guy is a perfect friend, then there are chances that he’ll be a perfect boyfriend too. Many of the friendships between opposite sexes usually end up as being a couple or with hidden infatuations. You need to choose the path which fits you best. Girls and guys can definitely be good friends. But can they be good friends if they hang out on a daily basis? That’s a rare situation. Some intimacy might creep in. [ Read: Find out are You Losing a Friend or Just Drifting Away? ]

Instead of thinking what next step should you take, rather keep your speed with the flow. You never know you like the destination where you reach. See where your friendship takes you. The result has often proven to be good.

If you’re very certain that this friendship should last just as a normal friendship, then here are the things you should keep in mind.

  1. Don’t be too touchy!

Try to avoid all the touchy stuff in a romantic way if you don’t wish to give him any wrong signals. A long hug or a cuddle may feel really good but you should stay away from that overdose of physical intimacy if you want the friendship to stay just as before. A ruffle on the hair or a pat on his back is cool but lingering around further might give him the wrong kind of signals. [ Read: How to Ask a Friend Out? ]

  1. Handle the addiction!

When you possess a lot of common interest with a friend, you tend to spend a lot of quality time with each other. It’s natural. This may turn out that your friendship transformed into love. If you don’t want it to go that way, then try to have a break and have some conversation with somebody else to keep the things back on track.

  1. Don’t give him a lot of attention!

You may have the best time with this guy friend of yours, but intentions are often mistaken. If you don’t want to make any contact with that friend in the future for a different purpose, then don’t give him extra attention in front of other friends. Just try to be as normal and same as you are with other guys. [ Read: Help! My Friends Don’t Like My Boyfriend ]

  1. Give him your ideal boyfriend’s picture!

Let him know your ideas about the perfect boyfriend you plan to have. If he drops a question of which guys interests you the most, then give him the exact person’s name. Don’t confuse him and yourself with vague answers. This may create an issue for both of you. Without hurting him much, give him the real traits which he doesn’t possess and the traits which you would actually like to have in your boyfriend. Be very clear of what you want.

  1. Drop a few hints!

You can occasionally drop a few hints that there is nothing more than friendship between you two. The next time you have a conversation, try to make him remember of how great a friend he is to you if he tries to make the conversation in a lovey dovey manner. [ Read: Does your Boyfriend have a Flirty Girl as Best Friend? ]

  1. Don’t have many conversations  

Late night calls and long lasting phone conversations may seem like fun and good to you in the initial phase but it might start to irritate you when your guy friends turns into something he’s not. He may try to impress you and woo you in different ways. There might always be a chance that those long conversations turn into love texts or flirty conversations.

  1. Remember your intentions!

At times, it is easy to lay off track and just forget about your intentions which you were holding from the starting. But you need to remind yourself with all the bad traits he possesses for being a bad boyfriend. You should always remind yourself that how good a friendship it is and how your relationship would go waste if you try to make something else happen. [ Read: 15 Suggestive Signs of a Controlling Boyfriend ]

If you have tried all the possible things that could have worked but are actually not working, then it’s time for you to be a little direct with him. Be very polite with how your intentions are. You should not hurt him in any wrong way as he is not completely at fault for the thing.