How to Be Funny and Make People Love Your Company

How to Be Funny and Make People Love Your Company

How to Be Funny and Make People Love Your Company

Funny and charming people never get that title from the very starting. They work upon it and give these things time. They learn to be funny in a number of ways. We start to pick up the traits from the very initial years of our childhood. If you have not grasped those funny bone influences from your childhood, there’s no need to worry. You can practice that now. All it takes is a positive thinking towards every phase of life. Being funny doesn’t mean you show start reciting jokes all the time. It is about finding something humorous in everything around you. [ Read: Being Single Is Fun – 13 Reasons to Prove it! ]

A fun person is somebody who is very happy at heart and the one who can find something funny even out of thin air. So, if you want to capture the stage and be funny, then you should remember two of the most important things. One, that you cannot please everybody and second, that you can’t be funny overnight. It takes time.

For the initial phase, if you want to bring in the change in you, then you need to get yourself involved in things happening around you. You can’t just sit in a corner and expect everybody to come to you. Change the way you look at the world and be positive with everything. Throw away your negative mindset which is of no good use.

Happy people definitely lead a prosperous life. People get more social with them as they are the most memorable people one can see. They have more friends and people can easily relate to them.

Here is a list of few steps which can make you feel loved and funny. Just apply these baby steps to transform your way of perceiving life.

  1. Have a good laugh!

People would love to hangout with people who are not boring and loves to have a good laugh. These kinds of people have a smile plastered on their face which instantly acts as a magnetic way to attract other people. Be a fun loving and a likable person by being happy all the time. [ Read: 8 Real Ways to Get Rid of That Sense of Entitlement ]

  1. Switch to some comedy shows!

A bit of inspiration can never go waste under any circumstances. It may probably make you funnier in a faster way. Watch some comedy shows and comedy flicks. They will also help you to have a good laugh soon. You will also start being happy by the simple thought of it.

  1. Confidence!

It is a must have thing to possess in everything in life. It’s not really difficult. Just be what you are and portray it in the best way you can. If you are confident about yourself that you can do a particular thing, then the others will also think the same way. [ Read: 5 Fun Ways to Add Spark into Your Relationship ]

  1. Read!

Reading jokes and one liner may help you to use them in future. There is no harm in using them. You don’t need to remember them in order to apply them. Just read them and you can use them in your everyday life.

  1. Be mysterious!

Don’t be one of those predictable and boring sorts. Try and be mysterious at every phase of the hour. People love to discover and they will do the same with you too. As people know you are funny, you don’t have to prove them every now and then. You may just smile and they can burst out laughing thinking about the joke in your mind. [ Read: 6 Ways to Stop Glorifying Busy and Start Living Instead! ]

  1. Be aware about what’s happening!

Don’t be left behind in this big rat race. Always try to be updated with whatever is happening around you. Funny people become that way as they are aware about all the current affairs, and they twist it in such a manner that it seems funny.

  1. Don’t fake it!

Don’t try to become somebody else. You can be a lot more humorous and funny by being just the way you are. Don’t try to transform yourself just for the sake of seeking attention. Just add a fun side to your daily schedule and people will start loving that change. [ Read: How Self Respect Affects You and Your Relationship ]

  1. Think differently!

Start to think out of the box. Always try to find something funny in a thing. Your thinking would define how well you change the way you look at the world. Your humour may also get spontaneous with time. Don’t take everything seriously even when it is not required.

  1. Always be mischievous!

Every person who tends to be funny uses this technique by being that way. They always like pulling someone’s leg just for the sake of fun and not to harm anybody mentally or physically. They bring something funny with whatever is happening around them. [ Read: 15 Types of Relationships to Define Your Love Life ]

  1. The company you keep matters a lot!

Spend time with your buddies and try to meet like minded people with whom you can get up well. The kind of company matters a lot in the present as well as in the long run.

Use these tips and try to flow in your funny streak around the company you keep. You will see the difference in their behaviour in no long time. The behaviour of other people will change with you. They will love your company.