How to be a Good Girlfriend in Ten Steps

How to be a Good Girlfriend in Ten Steps

Being a good girlfriend often involves some easy steps. You should know the art of loving your boyfriend and making him feel special. You may know the steps to be a good girlfriend in your mind, but brushing up those traits won’t go to waste. You may be indulging in those steps before even realising it, but if you are not practicing any of these traits, then you probably should be doing it to make your guy stay longer with you. He will love you more each passing day.

If you’re with a guy who makes you feel on top of the world, then it’s probably the time to return some favours. Don’t let a perfect guy go because they are really very few in number.

Here is a list of ten steps which will help you become a good girlfriend very soon. These little things would impress him and he will love you even more than you would have ever imagined.

  1. Make him feel ultra special!

Which guy would not like to be pampered by his girl? Guys love it when girls pamper them in public and in private too. He may never acknowledge this but deep down he may be craving for your attention. He may even look embarrassed when you go all mushy in public. But he would never intentionally say no to it. Guys love these kinds of gestures and you don’t have to regret it later on even if things don’t work out.

  1. Impress the people around him!

Surely your guy is impressed by you, but there are a number of people he’s got within his circle that you need to impress. Try to participate in conversations whenever you are with his family and friends. He will definitely love how well you gel with people around him. Whenever he’s with his family or friends, they might bring up your topic and compliment on him how good his choice is. He will be filled with happiness.

  1. Earn his respect!

Women love when their guys respect them in public and even in private. She values the respect he gives. A good and a decent girlfriend will earn the share of respect she wants and would never demand it. Show him the traits you excel in and he will respect you even more. He will also pay attention to your opinions because you are such a wonderful person.

  1. Being intelligent and witty is a must!

A lady knows what is going on in the world around her. She’s not one of those dumb and pretty dolls who just dresses to impress other people. She has brains and would love to gain more knowledge. You don’t have to be a walking encyclopaedia but gaining a bit of knowledge of everything would help you go a long way in life.

  1. You can take the traits of a man within seconds!

A guy would want his girlfriend to have all the sides which pleases all the people around her. Once she’s all sweet and caring with him and the other moment, when she’s with his group of guys, she transforms herself into a part of the gang. He would love this idea of transformation in his girl.

  1. Look after yourself and your guy!

Take care of yourself physically and mentally. Learn to look good and work out to feel good. Make your guy work the same way. When both of you are happy from within, then you will feel good with each other too.

  1. Look your best!

Guys love it when everybody compliments how good his girlfriend looks. They love to possess the best of everything. Try to be the best. He will be filled with happiness and pride at the same time. Make his jaw drop when you go out with him. Make yourself dress in a way that makes sure he can’t take his eyes off you. Do your magic if you can.

  1. Try to balance out!

Guys tend to like girls who are not too independent and who are not too needy. Some girls are super clingy and always ask for help from her partner. On the other hand, some girls are just way too independent. They like girls who are just in between the two. Every guy would want his girl to be there when he needs her.

  1. Take initiative while you make love!

Everybody knows a girl would shy away in public to take a lead in anything. But, when it’s just the two of you, try to take the lead while making love. You will surprise him when you do that.

  1. Motivate him!

Don’t make him deviate from his path just because you want him to be with you. Try to motivate him in the thing he is perfect at. Help him work on his flaws and try to bring out all the possible perfections in him. Talk about his future ambitions and ensure him that you’re going to be there to help him fulfil all of them. This will boost him in the best way possible.

Do your part and try to exercise all these points. You may see a positive change in your relationship.