How Taking a Break in a Relationship Works

How Taking a Break in a Relationship Works

How Taking a Break in a Relationship Works

Sometime in life when you are in a relationship with a loved one, there comes a time when things between you both are not as good and healthy as they were in the beginning.

In the starting everything is like a new experience. You get to know each other by talking all the time, spending maximum time with each other, going out on dinner dates, for trips and what not. But once all these things are over done, you feel the need to taking your own space.   [ Read: 9 tips to work out a long distance relationship ]

This may happen because you both start having fights over small things, your view points don’t match and your both don’t share same interests sometimes. This does not mean that it is the end of your relationship, all you both need to do is take a break from each other.

Taking a break does not mean you are breaking up with your partner or making an excuse to break up, it just means you need some time for yourself alone so that you can analyse your relationship and know if you really want to be with your partner in the future or no. it will help you to be clear of all the misunderstandings, frustrations, confusion and doubts that you have in your mind regarding your relationship.  [ Read: 7 Easy Steps to be Blissfully Happy in a Relationship ]

Taking a break can have a positive impact on your relationship if it is taken in a healthy and right manner.

If you wish to know the benefits, here is a list –

  1. You get some space

The biggest benefit of taking a break in a relationship is getting some space from you partner because staying too much together can sometimes be frustrating. You need to have your own time to evaluate the future of your relationship.  [ Read: Effective Communication in a Relationship ]

  1. Knowing your true self

Once you are on a break, you can think of whom you are truly are what you always wanted to be. You can know yourself as an individual apart from the relationship.

  1. You can calm yourself down

If you are frustrated and angry about something that happened in your relationship, taking a break with help you come to ease and calm yourself down.   [ Read: 10 Relationship Deal Breakers To Watch Out For! ]

  1. Analyse your compatibility

The most important reason for taking a break is to understand if you are really compatible with your partner or no. List down the positives and negatives of your relationship and then make a decision.

  1. Know your priorities

During this break, you can think of what other things are of importance in your life apart from this relationship. May be you are ignoring other necessary things that were on hold because of the relationship.  [ Read: Learning Lessons And Applying Them To Your Relationships ]

  1. Be sure if it’s love

You need to evaluate if it is truly love or just an infatuation that has faded over time.

  1. Know what you want

At this time, you can list down things that you like and you dislike and you can ask your partner also to do the same. You can sit down with them and discuss it face to face so that all the misunderstanding are clear between you too.  [ Read: 10 Big Problems In A Relationship And How To Fix Them ]

  1. Realize if you really miss your partner or know

Be staying far away from your partner you can actually know if you miss your partner or no. If you do, then you know its love, and if you don’t, then its time you tell your partner that you need a break up.

  1. Take time to evaluate your relationship

You need tell your partner and make then understand that you are not breaking up with them but just taking time to evaluate what is wrong with the relationship. And even your partner should be able to evaluate things as to what can you both do to fix the problems.  [ Read: Partners Should Be Good Friends For Successful Relationships ]

  1. Know how you can bring back the spark

Once you realize that you will be going back to your lover after the break time is over, you can decide and make plans about how you can bring back the missing spark in the relationship. Keeping the spark alive is a very important aspect in order to keep the relationship going.

You may be very much in love with your partner but sometime there are moments when you both fight, get frustrated, want to kill each other and even want to break up with them. But breaking up is not the right thing to do until and unless the reason is big. Taking a short-term break is a healthy solution to it. Taking a break helps both the partners to understand the reason why such a situation has occurred. You both can have your own time and think about things that you both dislike so that you can sit and have a one-to-one conversation about it. You will be able to well figure out if you really miss your partner and you need them in your life or no; the reason why misunderstanding and fights are taking place between you both. You will also to able to know who you actually are as an individual apart from the relationship. [ Read: 12 Secret Rules of a Happy Relationship. SHH! ]

Once you know that you want to go back, you will have a better and healthy relationship with your partner. The understanding between you both will be better and even the spark that was once lost between you both will be back and even stronger than before.

Taking a break is not a wrong thing to do unless both the partners agree to it and feels the importance of taking a break. It should be taken for the benefit of your relationship, not for your personal interests.