How Soon is Too Soon to Sleep With a Guy?

How Soon is Too Soon to Sleep With a Guy?

‘I am going to sleep with him’ thinking about this, are you? Have you thought how soon is too soon to sleep with him? In a relationship, people take a while to reach the stage where they are comfortable having a physical relationship with their partner. Women are considered to be more sensitive when it comes to relationships and they tend to be more cautious than men as far getting intimate is concerned. They weigh the pros and cons of it and finally take the plunge when they are ready for it.

Even though women wait for a while before taking this step, there are a couple of factors that force them to take the plunge much before they planned to. Pressure can often lead you to do things that you do not want to. Because of the internal or external pressure exerted on you, you tend to do something which you regret doing. This is exactly why it is important that you think about it carefully and get into it only when you think you are ready for it.

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How Soon is Too Soon to Sleep With a Guy

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The pressures

More often than not, we find ourselves in sticky situations because of our own doing. Sometimes we do things willingly without realizing their consequences, they just sleep with him and then there are times when we are sure about not doing something but end up doing it because of some sort of pressure. Pressure can be of two types, external and internal. External pressure is something that people around us, the society or our environment puts on us. Your friends might ask you to go out somewhere. You are busy with something but you leave all your work and join them fearing that your refusal will affect your relationship with them. Internal pressure is the one that you feel from the inside. Nobody from the outside world is forcing you do anything but there are some factors that come together in your mind to form some ideas that implore you to believe that you are bound to do something. Sometimes, you feel terrible about something and do something that you think would help you make you feel less guilty.  You are bound to feel the pressure to do things you do not want to at various points in your life, but you should always follow your heart and never do anything which you are not sure about. Do not get bogged down by pressure. Learn to rise above it and you will save yourself from getting into trouble.

The right guy

The step that you will be taking comes with a lot of responsibilities. It’s very essential before you think of ‘I am going to sleep with him’ Therefore, you must be sure about the guy before you get intimate with him. Make sure that he loves you for sure. Realizing that you slept with a guy who had an interest in you and chased you only for this would break your heart. To protect yourself from some heartburn, it is important that you are sure about the fact that he is a good guy. There are several ways of finding out whether he is really interested in you or not. You must spend a lot of time with him so that you get to know him well. Talk to his friends, meet his family and do everything you need to do figure out his intentions. Give your consent only after you are sure of him being a trustworthy person.

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The time

Timing is everything when it comes to these things. The intimacy phase kicks in after some time in a relationship. Of course, it depends on how comfortable you are with your partner, which ultimately decides the time when you would get intimate with them. There must be a precursor to the event and some build-up that leads towards you getting intimate with each other. Do not give your consent if he asks you to sleep with him out of the blue. There should be some moment that triggers the thought of doing it. Another important thing is that both of you should be on the same page in this regard. Discuss this with him and let him know if you have any reservations. Remember, there is a right time for everything and that time should be decided and agreed upon by both of you.

The regret

There is no specific rule that determines when you should have sexual intercourse with your partner. So how do you find out whether it was too soon for you to get into this? You know you took the plunge a little sooner than you should have when you regret doing it. If you lament the fact that you slept with him, it means you were not mentally prepared for it and needed more time. Making love to your partner is a beautiful experience which one should not regret. But if you do, it means there is something wrong. There could be various reasons behind you feeling regretful about it, but whatever it is, if the experience leaves even the slightest bit of remorse in your heart, then you know that it was too soon to have slept with the guy.

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